Do you smoke marijuana?

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    never again, it took me down a very dark path and I never want to see that side of me again. I became paranoid and my self confidence was completely shot. every time I would do it with good friends and even then I could hear them saying things about me if I walked away or even if I didn't catch the conversation they were having. perhaps it's my self centred, negative overthinking mind but I'm certainly not one for cannabis after many attempts it was always the same and it left me afraid and completely distraught. I lost my personality and I was just living every day with no feeling, but sadness and angst. It was a very horrible time for me, whether what I kept hearing about me was true or not still troubles my mind to this day. Im just a very self conscious person I guess, that's what I've become and that's what life has made me out to be now so I have to just go with that unfortunately
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    From what i know about pot smokers, its' something that is done when waking up, in midday- and as long as they get the smoke smell off of them, it's hard to detect. Alcohol is much easier to detect.

    you can say that about any enforcement- the worst excuse you can give is 'well people are doing it anyway". Would you say that about rape? Why is the government so militant about cigarette smoke in public - which is largely enforced now?
    And WHY has it increased so much in the last 50 years?
    And WHY is do the elite / media/ entertainment industries encourage it's use?
    The government literally makes more effort to restrict tobacco smoking the pot smoking. Why?
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    and what about opium, cocaine, heroin, crack, should it all be legalized?
  4. I used to smoke a lot in my early teens until my mid twenty’s. Then I stopped and later tried it again and found it’s just not my thing anymore. I find it increases my anxiety and negative thoughts.
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    Your argument is based anecdotes of your own experience and perceived perception of "pot smokers". What you are explaining is an example of a drug addict, not just a person who uses weed. However decriminalization and legalization are ways that help tackle the problem because it brings to light the kinds of problem chronic smoking will result in. I do hope when they do legalize weed that the regulations they put around it would be similar to tobacco smoking. I doubt the policy will be that everyone get's to smoke weed without consequences, there will be rules and regulations.

    How is the fact that people are doing it anyway an excuse? It's more delusional to ignore the fact that people are smoking up when its illegal and not do anything about it. How can you even compare smoking weed to rape? When one is fucking rape, where it is literally forcing yourself on another person against their will. I didn't realize when someone got high another person's rights were being violated.

    The effects of tobacco smoking have been widely researched, while the effects of marijuana have not been as thoroughly fleshed out. By decriminalizing weed, more studies can be done and the long term effects can be documented, where as right now the data is limited. Therefore the negative consequences of smoking weed can be then concretely displayed for everyone to see. Watch how many people smoke weed then.

    Maybe you should take the time to read up about the effects of legalization and decriminalization in countries like the Netherlands and Portugal before you start talking about things you don't understand. These countries are why government has made a choice that legalization/decriminalization is a better option.

    I get it, you are anti-weed, that is fine and I can respect and agree smoking is bad. Being anti-legalization/decriminalization without giving any proper facts but just anecdotes of your own experience is just retarded tho. The world doesn't care about how you feel about weed, so if you want people to stop, maybe you should start making arguments with facts instead of your feelings. The fact you have such a hard time understanding why it's the right direction makes me believe you can't see the big picture. All you see is, weed is bad therefore legalizing weed is bad. We can't legalize bad things! Please just use your brain before you open up your mouth.
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    What makes you think I don't understand? Because I disagree with you?

    Singapore has tough drugs laws.. far less addicts than the neatherlands or portugual - the former is fast on its way to complete social collapse.
    "According to the 2008 World Drug Report by the United Nations office on drugs and crime 8.2% of the UK population are cannabis abusers; in Singapore it is 0.005%. For ecstasy, the figures are 1.8% for the UK and 0.003% for Singapore; and for opiates – such as heroin, opium and morphine – 0.9% for the UK and 0.005% for Singapore."
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    That is not the point, please read more carefully. Your argument is 'people are doing it, therefore, legalize it'.

    Bullshit as much bullshit as saying porn has not effect on you. or making it more readily available does not increase the number of addcits, or legalizing abortion did not increase the number of abortions.
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    Yeah but I've been considering cutting down severely so I can focus more on other things. I love smoking weed but it does make you lazy and unfocused at times. I've been smoking it since I was 14 so it's about time I quit/cut down.
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    Holy fuck, you realize in Singapore they kill you if you do drugs. Are you suggesting everyone who has touch any drug be killed? That's what it took for people to stop doing drugs, and you will have to convince american society that that's okay and reasonable. You say a lot of things that aren't comparable. You just compared smoking weed to rape, this is your argument and you say that's not the point. WTF IS YOUR POINT. My argument isn't people are doing it therefore legalize it. My argument is that when you look at the benefits of keeping weed illegal vs the benefits of legalizing weed, you pick the one with the best benefits for society. I do agree, that legalizing weed will probably increase the amount of addicts, and that weed itself is not harmless. But at the same time this concern also needs to be weighed against the costs of the current policy, widespread disregard to laws that could contribute to a decline in respect for law and policing, the unregulated access to weed to minors and the social and economic costs of a large marijuana black market. Also by legalizing weed you get to regulate the potency of THC and CBD which are major contributors to the side effects of marijuana abuse. There is also the argument through a system of regulated legalization and taxation, the government would be in a position to offer prevention programs and counselling/medical services to people abusing the drug. Similarly to how tobacco consumption was halved due through public education, the same tactics can be used for marijuana use. At the same time more studies can be published on the effects of the abuse of marijuana so that people will have concrete proof that, it's a really bad thing, so stop. But yeah this is my last post, I can't deal with how stupid you are.
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    I have before, but never made it habitual. Everyone I ever met that was a hardcore weed smoker have not led productive lives. Also it definitely affects your cognition and doesn't make you smarter. No wonder it's called "dope".
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    Smoking blunts are a common thing where I live. You can literally smell marijuana while walking down the streets.

    I have family members who do use marijuana commonly, but I don't use it mostly because I don't see a reason to. I'm not really an emotionally stressed out person, I'm naturally relaxed and I don't have any health problems.

    In recent years, marijuana has become somewhat of a mainstay in the United States, to be honest.

    I don't support marijuana use unless it is for medical reasons such as cancer.
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    You claimed enforcement doesn't work. It does. Singapore has much lower drug use - significantly lower- than countries with lax drug laws.
    Again, no I didn't you said in so many words, 'you can stop it so why try':

    People are still getting high when it's illegal and at a much higher cost to society than if it was legalized.

    Because, people do, it and it costs money to enforce it, we should legalize it because it's better for the economy. I asked rhetorically, if you would say that about rape. If you do not then ergo, your argument is an empty one. You must first value whether it is moral or immoral to legalize something - not based on how many people are doing it or how much money it costs or does not cost.

    Again my main point is the elite in this country WANT people to use drugs like this males in particular so we become passive sheep the same way they want us cheering for 'our team' instead of looking at the backhand deals going on, and stay in our McHomes and watch video, sports, porn and not care about the outside world.

    WHY has marijuana use increased in the west in the last 50 years- it's pushed by the elite - and we've loosened laws to the point where possession of certain amounts is no more than a traffic ticket and in some states, its argued - ridiculously - since x minorities do it more it's not fair to enforce it at all.
  13. ivanhoe

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    yes and the same cities vigrously enforce anti smoking (tobacco ) laws.
    and why has the use increased so much? It's encouraged- and when it's legalized fully big pharma/dealers will make a killing
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    Uh huh, so you claim it can't really be studied now, which of course, is bs,
    and we can't be educated now? The media /elite in this country could educate people now about the dangers and they don't they say it's harmless and good for you.

    So what if people keep using the high potency levels? Actually enforce the law, like they should be doing now?
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    I don't smoke anymore, neither tobacco nor weed.

    However I absolutely think it should be legalised. Criminalising drug use does not lead to less drug use, in fact the whole reason I got interested in drugs in the first place was one of those meetings at school where they had the police come in and talk about how drugs were evil etc. It was precisely the taboo element that made them sound exciting. I thought: If you can go to jail for this, and people STILL do it, then it must be really good.

    On top of that, jail time is a far harsher sentence than any of the negatives of most drugs, especially something like weed. So anyone who thinks criminalising drug use is protecting anyone is silly.

    What we need is proper drug education ("Just say no" is NOT education.) rather than just throwing people in jail. Even with the most harmful drugs, if someone chooses of their own accord to do themselves harm, as long as they're not harming anyone else, they should absolutely have the right to make that choice. Alcohol is the perfect example, in that we all know banning alcohol wouldn't stop people becoming alcoholics or drinking, or solve drink driving or any of the other issues it causes - we know that instead we have to educate people about responsible use and harm reduction, to minimise the negatives. The same applies for any other drug. People who want to use a drug, WILL use it, and so it's better to inform them the safest way possible to do it, rather than just say "Don't do it".

    I think the majority of people realise that now though, and worldwide legalisation, for weed at least, is inevitable. I mean in the last 10-15 years we've seen some massive progress in that area. 20 years ago the idea of weed being legal for recreational use in any of the US would have sounded laughable, but now it's a reality.

    As for my views on actually smoking weed? Well I think you're better off eating or vaporising it, as smoking anything is bad for your lungs. As for my views on using weed in general? Treat it like alcohol. You don't need weed. If you enjoy it once in a while in moderation, great, but realise that it too like anything can be overdone, something doesn't have to kill you or cause serious damage when overdone for overdoing it to be bad - and if you spend all your time high you're not going to be particularly productive or get very far. I see a lot of people who think that just because weed is pretty physically safe that they should be smoking it all day every day, and then wonder why they aren't getting shit done. Don't ruin it for yourself, even the enjoyment you get out of weed will be 1000x better if you keep it in moderation, tolerance being what it is. :)
  16. Marcus Aurelius

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    I don't use marijuana.

    I have no idea if it's good for you, bad for you, or if it has an overall neutral effect on you. There are two opposing groups of people with a vested interested in this debate and to get to the truth of the matter would take time and effort that I'm not willing to give. Not out of laziness. I just have better things to do.

    Apart from the health factor, there is a big reason why I don't use it though. I know many people use it to calm their nerves, relax etc. and I could easily see myself becoming dependent on it if I started using it for that reason. That's what I used porn for. I want to be able to build up the courage to step outside of my comfort zone without needing something like porn or weed to be a crutch.
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    Mary and Joanna are my two favourite girls, and they’re definitely smokin’

    They should definitely be legal
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  18. I used to but i quit because i didn't wanna be that guy
    Cannabis Legalization is fine if helped for medicinal need,I don't want everyone smoking pot for the sake of smoking but that's my opinion.
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    I find that people who smoke because of depression and anxiety never really get over the stage of the depression.
    As they depend on a substance that will make them happy, while they refuse to admit that they need it to enjoy the life. I've read some posts in the past where weed smokers write about their depression and they are always at home and smoking weed makes them happier yet life seems pointless to them.
  20. Big pharma is making drugs more dangerous than pot...yes marijuana can be abused but as far as drugs go, Id have to say for medical application its benefits far outweigh any side effects.
    Its a pretty amazing plant now that people have started taking some serious science to understand all the different cannaboids and their effects: metbolism, pain management, anti-carcinogenic, diet management, muscle recovery.
    From a recreational drug standpoint, Id argue its much safer than alcohol and cigrattes...hell even caffeine could make and argument that its more dangerous and addictive.
    End of the day whatever if its beneficial medically or even safer recreationally legalizing would i expect save the us a lot of money and make the bootleg demand go down (stopping the drug wars not likely)
    Argueing that potheads are selfish and fueling a drug war...well ifyou driveand use oil well you can't really take a moral high ground because oil has cause and is still a part of making war

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