Do you think nofap will help me?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by suben380, Oct 21, 2015.

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    Hi. I'm a 16 year old man. I've been fapping since (don't remember the exact time) 2011 or 2012. I fap about once a day on a good day, on average about twice a day. On a bad day I might fap three times in a day, although that's quite rare. Sometimes I do go a day or two without fapping but not often enough.

    I feel like fapping has become a habit for me, I don't really even enjoy it that much. I usually do not watch porn just to images, although I think it's just as bad. I don't really get turned on by pornographic material, but I fap to it anyway. I find women in real life MUCH more attractive than on the screen. I remember being frustrated because I couldn't find any pornographic images that I really liked. But I think it's impossible for porn to really be like real life.

    I'm quite a shy guy, I don't really have friends although I have some on the internet, never really talked to a girl at all. I am not able to use my "real voice" with people, it always comes out so quiet and weird, but when I'm on my own I can think of so many things to say. With other people I'm a totally different person, I freeze and don't speak what is on my mind. I only say short phrases to people and never start a conversation. When I'm with someone, I don't have the courage to say something. It's like my brain is blocking me from being myself with other people, and I wish I could just be myself. I don't know will nofap help me with this, but I really hope so.

    I barely remember my life before I started fapping, but I do remember a few things. I remember everything being more interesting or something. But I didn't really have much friends back then either, so I don't know will nofap work for me.

    I think the main problem with me is no confidence and low courage. Also maybe self hate?

    Many of the nofap benefits I've heard would really help me, and make my life better.

    I am planning to start nofap very soon. I am quite good at sticking something if I really want to do it. I used to be quite overweight, but I had the will to Change that and now I am normal weight.

    So do you think nofap will help me?
    Thank you for reading, I hope you won't judge me because of my age :)
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    Of course it will help you.It will help you with the social anxiety and low confidence and also the voice!It will save you time considering that you do it twice a day on average.It's like that with people who are addicted to pmo,their mind somehow blocks them from saying what they want to say i have experienced it before.
    Any habit that wastes your time and energy and have a lot of bad side effects should be removed.Start now and quit it you will see a lot of changes in your life.They start after a few to days to the first week and the second week and so on to 3 months.GO FOR IT!
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    Well, time isn't a problem, I have too much of it lol.

    Thanks for your encouragement, I will try it :)
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    Good words. And it's true how that happens in a few days. I am trying to get back on the beam and it isn't easy, but I think it's what I have to do. I experienced that same exact mind blockage a few days ago. It affects how I interact with people. There are times where everything seems ok, but there are others where I feel like an isolated fragment. Sorry to ramble but a lot going on in my head. Good luck to the OP I wish I would have done something when I was that young. This addiction has taken me down many roads I would have been best off avoiding.
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