Do you think the world is a fucked up place?

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  1. I think yes, but I choose to think positively..or try to at least. Looking back at how far I’ve come—I look back and have come to the realization that nice, gentle men are the ones that are being constantly screwed over by the universe. I was one of those guys so I would know. Anyways, do any of you here relate? It’s hard to accept that the universe is indifferent and that it’s not looking out for anyone, and I’m still ‘nice’ per se but I really just stopped caring about a lot of people if this is really how the world is. At this point, I only respect the people I see that are trying to improve themselves.
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    In this world, you don't want to be the nice guy. Sure, you can be nice by saying hi to someone on the street, or greeting your family in the morning, but don't be the 'yes man'. You have to be selfish to succeed, you have to have a goal, you have to strive to meet that goal, it's the only way you'll accomplish your goals. Honestly, you are already better than the rest by doing NoFap, because unlike most people, you have discipline and goals to reach.
  3. I believe the world has just as much good in it as bad. It all depends on how you look at the world, and what your attitude is which will determine the reality you live in.
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    Yes, but I realize that I'm part of the problem. I've done some very unloving things in my life, so I have contributed to the evil that's present in the world today. It's not something that I am proud of.
  5. Same here, and i don't just mean my previous consuming lifestyle, but more so just a lot of the time bad vibes, negative energy. I do realize more and more that in that way i also spread bad vibes to those around me. Now i try to be best for myself, and that way be more able also to share good energy :) with others as well
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  6. Human brains are a fucked up place. :)
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  7. World is what it is. And it doesn't care of our thoughts about it. It is a scheme, it is changing, challenging. It is never constant. You can say it is fucked up . Or whatever you say, you are going to be right. It is what it is, what you say, it is .
  8. No you don’t. And what is it to succeed? All this toil, when in 50 + years you will be dead anyway. It’s meaningless, a chasing after the wind

    You be greedy and selfish to “succeed”, does that mean make a lot of money? Have a lot of possessions? All of your possessions one day are gonna be handed over to someone else. Everything you ever worked hard for

    Why not do honest work? That’s more respectable. Have integrity. This culture too often emphasizes me me me. what can YOU do for ME

    We are not called to be served but to serve others
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    Seems like you've only read the first sentence of my reply. If you want to have a civilized discussion then just message me.
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    Yes i think that world is fucked up place,but that is because of majority people,world like world don't have much sense with that,it is my opinion.
    But i trying my best to focus myself on positive things.
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    There are a lot of bad things going on in the world. But also a lot of good things.

    At the end of the day, it's what you decide to focus on. Just watch the news for 30 minutes and you'll definitely focus on the negative.

    I find myself becoming more positive and hopeful in my recovery. Engaging in PMO for years made me depressed, angry, bitter, cynical and a pessimist. I don't believe this is my true self. My true self sees the good in humanity and where other's see problems, I see opportunity.
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    @Fixmybrain we (as humans) have created so many amazing things to behold, but there are so many streams of separate consciousness and different rates of social/moral evolution. You gotta remember that we're on a constant learning curve, some learn quicker than others.

    There's definitely systemic things we could change in what we've created. I.e capitalism underpins everything, hence I believe 'greed' is also an addiction similar to a P addiction.

    If you're interested, get involved with - inspiring humans seeking positive social and environmental change
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    Fucked up, good or bad, depends on prespective and culture... In the when its really what is it like @WolfHound 獣 wrote.
    I do believe environment creates most forms of traits and behaviors.
    Here's Jacque Fresco piece about it:
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    Yes, I think so. You can't choose your parents. You can't choose your body. You can't choose your gender. You need to live with constants that provided to you by random. You need to sell your limited time for job, to have money and so on. Feels like this is exist only to torture you.
  15. Yes.This planet is going down the toilet.
  16. Totally fucked up, and we aren't lasting much longer. We almost blew the freaking planet a few decades ago, damn.
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    Well basically the older you get the more you realize how fucked up the world is and not all things are created equal.
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    Yes...too much self interest. People don’t look after each other enough.
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    The world is a big place made up of many pieces that somehow manage to cooperate. And it's filled with people that have vastly varying opinions all the way from one end to the other.

    With that being said, is it a fucked up place? Well, that depends on who you ask. Just as I said, people have different points of view in life. What might seem fucked up to one person may not to another. It's all in perspective.

    I try not to pay too much attention to what's going on elsewhere in the world, and just focus on my life and what I can actually control. Obsessing over things you can't control is like running around in circles not making it anywhere.

    You might say that sounds self-centered, or that people have too much self-interest in general, but the unfortunate reality is that you can't help everybody. And even if you try, not everyone has good intentions, and will try to take advantage.
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