Do you watch movies once or keep re-watching certain movies?

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  1. Hello!

    Do you usually just watch a movie once and move on to the next one or do you keep re-watching certain movies periodically?

    I personally watch a movie once for the most part since after I've seen it I kind of remember the plot of the movie and when I try to watch the same movie again after some time has gone by it does not intrest me as much.
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  2. I like to re-watch movies. It depends on the movie though, of course. Some movies just aren't very interesting to watch once you already know the ending. But some are just enjoyable anyway, to watch over and over.
  3. Usually just once.
    Has got to be something special to be rewatched or it has to be such a long time since I've seen it that I can't remember the ending (or something in it)..but usually I remember it while watching it..which is obnoxious 2 me.
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  4. Yeah not many movies that I have re-watched same goes with series on Netflix. Just don't get the same feeling after first view of the movie.
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  5. Sometimes that's a good thing, though. There are some movies that are really cool to watch a second time, once you know the ending, because you can pick up on all the little moments of foreshadowing the writers have laid out along the way. :)

    I can think of a handful of movies that as soon as they were over, I was like "man, I can't wait to watch that again now that I know _____!"
  6. Yeah I guess with movies that leave you thinking of what happend at the end or leave you with a bit unclear ending.
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  7. Sometimes yeah. Mostly for background noise but you never know you may catch something you didn't notice before in the movie
  8. I've watched the entire office series at least 4 times, probably more, and I still catch something new every single time. Lol
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  9. No, I don't usually re-watch movies, unless a huge amount of time has passed and I don't remember the plot anymore. But to re-watch something that's fresh in my memory is very boring to me. There are exceptions though; some movies or TV shows are just more re-watchable than others. But it is not usually a thing for me.
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  10. It depends... I can rewatch a movie after a couple years have passed. For example I have rewatched a few classics from Arnold, Stallone, Will Smith, Stathum, Hardy, Rock, Washington etc. multiple times over the years. But I also tend to skip over certain sections of the movie where the story is being kinda dragged and is monotonous.
  11. Hros

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    Usually just once. When I was a kid I would rewatch the same movies many times over, so those are the movies I quote best.
    TV shows, on the other hand, I like rewatching, though sometimes I'll just skip to my favorite episodes.
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  12. Mistersofty

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    I like to rewatch comedies. They put me in a good mood.
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  13. I have a serious problem with rewatching Empire Strikes Back, its my favourite movie and never does it get stale or boring for me, but all my friends give me films to watch and I have a growing Netflix watch list. None of this matters though because I need to watch Empire Strikes Back for the eight hundredth time!
  14. When it comes to my favorite movies, I will never get tired of watching them. There are countless movies I've seen more than 50 times. Other movies that are just okay to me, I usually just watch once.
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  15. I've watched National Lampoon Vacation so many times over the years, it's embarrassing.

    Yes I'll watch my favorite movies over and over.
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  16. ShadyPerson

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    I like to rewatch some movies. Sometimes I even have to rewatch movies. I enjoy watching movies with my family and sometimes it's just difficult to find a new one that would interest anyone and seem like a movie that's actually going to be good, so we end up just rewatching something so that we all know that we aren't going to get bored to death. Besides some movies just deserve to be watched over and over again.
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  17. marr708

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    I have been in the movie business for many years and seldom watch the movies and TV shows I have worked on [I already know the endings, ha].
    However, there are a couple movies I can't stop watching.
    I always start the summer with "Weekend at Bernie's." That movie tickles me beyond belief and is a perfect
    way welcome warm weather.
    In addition, I will watch the British caper movies "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch" [No trigger warning, it means "to steal" ] at least once a month.
    Those two movies are simply brilliant. My friends and I stand around and quote the lines, using our bad british accents, and laugh uproariously.
    I never tire of rewatching other good movies over and over.
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  18. {Ananta}

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    im forever re watching movies especially if i watch a movie i watched a dozen times with someone who hasnt watched it then im basically looking at theyre reaction during a good part :D im the guy that speaks the dialogue out loud ,word for word
  19. Really depends on the film for me. I have ones like The Matrix, LoTR, and Warm Bodies which I’ll never ever get tired of and others where either once in a while or just once in general is enough.

    I’ve also had it where I originally thought a film was good (like recently IT), and upon watching it a second time I hated it. lol
  20. Free-man

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    Yep, I like to rewatch films either because I liked the script, the acting performance or photography specially.
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