Do you watch movies once or keep re-watching certain movies?

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  1. Lol that's funny, I adored IT, but rewatching it, I was bored and not scared at all. My husband felt the same, and so did my sister. I guess that's just one of those movies that's only good once. I still think it's a great movie, but I'm not interested in watching it again.
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    I will re-watch Lotr maybe twice a year, or at least I did in the past. It's just an instant classic that I never get tired of. Music really draws you in. I find music sells me on movies like nothing else.
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    This. Music is so fucking important. Like one of the reasons Star wars keeps drawing me back is that the score is just so amazingly well done that every time I hear it or remember it, I'll feel like I'd like to watch them again. Same goes for video game music.
  4. Sherlock_Poems

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    I rewatch films seasonally.
    I always watch nightmare before Christmas after halloween,
    Chicken Run, for thanksgiving and ALL the Rankin Bass movies for christmas.

    Then I just keep that pattern going all year.
    I almost exclusively rewatch movies
  5. I have it so many times where I’ll look past things or think something is really good, but only to have it get flipped around the next time I watch it. Like with IT, I really didn’t care for not only the gore and acting, but also how the clown sounded/looked was horrible. I still love the original IT, and think it’s far superior to the new reboot.

    The best part for me is how fake a lot of it looked, like him coming through the projector. I thought a lot of it was CGI but got a laugh out of him complaining that they used practical effects and people thought it was fake. lol
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    I watch nearly ever movie I ever see one time, and one time only. Then, there are a small number of films that I will watch multiple times a year if I want to because they are in my top 3 favorites. And lastly I have Seasonal movies I watch each year, like the Nightmare Before Christmas.
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  7. Did you see the second movie? I actually thought the second one was really funny. Lol Stephen King is in it, and he even pokes fun at himself for writing a terrible ending to the book. It's pretty great.
  8. Nah, after the lacklustre first one I wasn’t interested in the sequel, especially after seeing the ridiculous amount of CGI used just in the trailer alone. :/
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    By your words…I would think that IT is another kind of Sharknado but with a terrific clown.
    I liked the book when I read it a long time ago.
  10. I’ve never actually read the book, I’ve just seen the older original IT that came out in 1990 and thought it was great.
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    Yep, that was good. I don't remember if it was a movie or a TV mini-series
    Btw The Stand (based in the S.King book) TV mini-series from the 90's it was great too. Recommended!
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  12. IT was a fairly long miniseries, just like The Stand. I love those two, they’re high on my list! The Stand was incredibly long, I actually wish it was longer though since it needed a lot more from the book.
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    I didn't read that book but I remember very well the series and I just rewatched once. I liked a lot too. I remember the black woman sit on her chair and the blonde good guy with superpowers. Very good. I love the Stephen Kings books. In fact I started to read the Dark Tower saga. I know that there is a movie out there but I refused to watch it yet. I really enjoy reading his books.
    I also remember to watch a TV miniseries featuring Pierce Brosnan (a sack of bones I think) I liked too.
    I love The shining and Misery movies.
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  14. I definitely disagree. I thought both IT movies were fantastically well done. They're definitely well past the level of Sharknado.
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    I like your question, man!
    There are some movies I watch them over and over again....

    Inception (6+ times most certainly)
    Interstellar (8+ times)
    Into the Wild (10+ times most certainly)
    Pursuit of Happiness (6+ times most certainly)
    True Grit (4+ times most certainly
    Avengers (last 2 parts 4+ times most certainly)
    Spiderman (Tobey maguire's 3+ times most certainly)

    These are some of the movies I watch them again n again. Theoretically, it don't make sense why I re-watch them knowing how hey end, but some movies I love them so much, I feel like every scene is such a pleasure to watch. Inception.....interstellar and Into the wild are the movies I have watched most number of times. I like inception because its an interesting concept. Its thrilling to me, even though I know what happens next...i can relate to the movie so much. I liked Leo's acting in it. Interstellar is another legendary film, its about a dad's struggle to get back to his daughter. Into the Wild, man, i fucking love it, its so adventurous and thrilling. Definitely sean penn's classic!

    If I liked a movie, the chances are I will watch it again. May be I am fucking crazy, i don't know...i just fall in love with the movie. Yes, depending on the external circumstance, I might get distracted while watching the movie, but generally speaking, i be 100% involved while watching a movie, especially if I'm watching a movie I like! hmmmm I wanna watch interstellar again.....
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    My Journal
    inception , i still dont understand the spinner top part
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    If the top keeps spinning, that means he is in a dream. If it stops and falls over, that means he is back in reality.
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  18. I don't like rewatching movies, it makes me feel wasting of my time. :mad:
    No matter how good movie it was, once seen, it's seen.
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    I always rewatch good movies and I’m always amazed when I see or realize something I didn’t notice the first time. I can watch a movie over and over again and still find new stuff sometimes.

    It’s also good to throw on something you’ve seen before just for background noise, that way you can do other things (like clean the house) and don’t have to keep your face glued to the screen in hopes that you don’t miss anything.
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  20. most of the times, once but if it's comedy or light ones, i rewatch.. i don't get tired of watching School of Rock, or Le Petit Nicolas....
    but dramatic ones need good timing, can't be watched lightly
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