Does anybody else feel like you care and dont care at the same time?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Arez01, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. Arez01

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    I fight with this addiction for so long it feels like I dont care anymore. My emotions just arent there, I used to cry a lot after a relapse but now I just go on. I still feel bad, but its not enough to create determination/discipline to be a better fighter later.

    It feels like Im ascending into an abyss where this doesnt matter at all, a place where its settled, where the winner is annouced, I lost forever and aslong as my owner wants me to jerk off I will do it because there is no reason to fight.

    There are plenty of reasons. I just care less and less. About my testosterone, about exploited pornstars, about my mental health, about poor kids exposed to it at young age. What is happening with me?

    Why I stopped feeling? Why it matters less and less to me but yet I still know that its wrong. It feels like im divided, like im two different guys in one body. One guy is evil and doesnt care about anything and he is taking over, and the guy that cares is so beaten up by the first guy all he can do is talk about it, in a case of confrotation he will lose very fast.

    I wish it was over, I think I dont care but yet im here writting about it. What is happening?
  2. BlueBallsOG

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    A bit like cyberpunk XD, I always wanted to cry after a relapse, but never could cause I was so emotionally numb. I know what you mean by not caring about anything it's part of NoFap and withdrawals, it still socks tho.
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  3. plzgivemegp

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    at 11 days i still was feeling numb and generally negative. it gets better, just whatever happens, dont masturbate, because then you will just have to wait longer. have some pride brother
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  4. g2stop

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    Yes, it will get better, but you just have to stick to it
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  5. MsteiN

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    I feel the same, your mind know it's wrong but your body still insist and the void of don't feeling nothing or don't having the motivation is suffocating
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  6. TrueSaiyan2.0

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    I feel the same way right now actually. I see others exalting in life.. I'm stuck in a sack right now. Fact of the matter is I don't care as much to go out and get a girlfriend anymore. As much as every one around me I see is blessed in relationships even after getting divorces, I don't know where I'm at.

    How can you have a back up right away anyway? You don't need time to heal, but continue bragging about being in another relationship..
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