Does Anybody Have Any Advice?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by MrDogMan, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. MrDogMan

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    It seems like I've tried everything to quit. I jot down notes of what not to do next time but something else comes to bite me and cause me to relapse. I can't go more than 3 or 4 days anymore. The urge gets crazy and inspirational posts don't really help too much. The good news I guess is that I don't watch porn. I just relapse to pictures of attractive girls online. I don't know what to do anymore. Does anyone have any advice? I put this up before but it didn't get any replies. I hope this one will give me more luck. I'm on an almost 2 day streak, which is pretty easy. I just know I won't be able to say the same tomorrow.
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  2. Thomas8

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    For me there where 3 things that really help me kick this habit. God, my wife, and this site. I made a commitment to God and my wife to stop and I committed to post something on this site for a year, makes do different if it's a bad day or good day, just post something. I also wrote my wife every day.

    The best technique I found was control my eyes, stop looking at women in that way, that means in person and in pictures. Control my eyes which controlled my thoughts, which controlled my actions. I took me more year then I can remember to get to where I am. Wished I took to heart what I know now.

    The good thing is you are here and you have a desire to quit. All these best to you.
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  3. Bhap

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    My main piece of advice is dont let your mind trick you into improvement, the brain of an adict will play tricks on them to force relapse. Your 'good news' is that you dont watch porn, you watch porn. Although it may not be as 'hardcore' in nature masturbating to 'photos of attractive women' is still porn.

    Youve got a long way to go as do we all, many occasions such as this will arise, where our addicted minds will tell us anything we want to hear for another hit of dopamine. Dont let it happen, you came here to stop watching porn, not to replace your old category of porn with a new one.
  4. Bad Me

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    It because you are being alone in a room. Just be with someone. The urge will be gone automatically...... I know motivation won't help either of us but we need to motivate our self no matter what..... Keep active , keep busy in doing something else instead of watching pornography... Keep going forward. Long way to go my friend
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  5. MrDogMan

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    So I made it nearly a week. I'm not quite sure why I made it so much longer than usual. Perhaps it was because I voiced my troubles before, so I'm going to do so again, which will hopefully result with it taking even longer to relapse. I couldn't thank you guys enough for the advice. You three are really helping me change my life, and you may have even saved it. Thank you all so very much. I really hope I'll be able to make it longer now, and finally get rid of this awful habit once and for all. I just have one question. What do you do if the urge gets so out of hand that you experience withdrawls such as an increased heartbeat, or shivering? That's always the point where I lose. Once again thank you so much. I really owe you guys one.
  6. Hey!

    I think you should try to dig a bit deeper into the problem and yourself. What caused your addiction in the first place? Fear? Stress? Overwhelming emotions?
    For me, understanding and realising the underlying problems of the addiction was a good help.

    Also I really don't want to advertise here, but "Universal Man" Youtube channel also helped me a lot. He has tons of great videos about why we do what we do and he points out the usual issues of particular behaviours.
  7. Be aware of your thoughts, stay busy, remember the benefits and why you're doing this, take cold showers.
    The urges will become less the longer your streak becomes. Just don't give up this time
  8. stayHard

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    Hey man, before relapse just think about your future life it's time to get cured what you have done in your past but again and again you just relapsed then your will power is not enough.
    If you want to achieve anything in life then you have to go through your will power,
    Here every one is struggling for his recovery and to become a better person in his life to achieve something, but you are enjoying your current desire, full filling your instant need just of beat your dick, brother just make your self busy read success story.
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  9. SamediDePaques

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    Hi all, New Fapstronaut here. One strange little thing that I discovered by accident which helps me is to put on classical piano music. I think the rational, intellectual, analytical, complex nature of classical piano music engages and distracts my brain from sub-rational, base, physical urges. Have a great day everyone.

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