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Does anybody think back to when they first started their successful streak?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Yuh skrt, Oct 17, 2021.

  1. Yuh skrt

    Yuh skrt Fapstronaut

    This time last year, I was a legitimate loser who hated him self every day he woke up. Was roughly 230 pounds, ate like shit never worked out etc… no girlfriend, kissless, at 19 lol. But december of said year (2020) it finally hit me to make the changes I needed albeit slowly. First was quitting porn, a week after quitting I began to talking to my ex girlfriend. And while we weren’t dating until I hit a month free, she genuinely helped even if unintentional. Something about the thought of talking to a woman I care for even if just as a friend at the moment and then minutes later watching porn digusted me to such a point it felt as if it was emotional infidelity even if we weren’t together at the moment. And with that came the other changes, I started putting more effort into everything to be better for her sake. And while she ultimately decided to break up with me and ghost me, I just didn’t give up. At one point the thought came to me to give in and break the streak despite not wanting to. But it was nothing more than a thought, it was then I knew I could make it through it all. If it weren’t for nofap I would have never have had her in my life, if it weren’t for leaving I would’ve never realized how many changes I still needed to make. Since our break up earlier this year I’ve dropped a lot of weight (70 something pounds!), confidence has shot up, etc… and while these happened with her not too such an extent. People sometimes dont even recognize my ID photo as me and that was taken only 15 months ago. This is long winded and all, but thinking back to it all. None of this would have happened the good parts (giving up porn, weight loss, hitting the gym, a much better job.) the bad parts (breaking up, ghosted, abandoned.) if it werent for nofap. To sum it up, thinking back to where it started and despising the person I was had directly led to the person I am today. A person I am proud and happy of. While I dont use this site often anymore, mainly only checking every few weeks just to see what the number is at. I can’t help but have a soft spot for it as it legitimately changed my life. Listen to me my friends who still suffer, it is always easier said than done. But remember theres no good view of the valley unless you conquer the mountain. No matter how hard it may seem remember the reward is worth so much more than any turmoil you will face. Take care all of you, and thanks for listening to me ramble.
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