Does anyone else find no P so much harder than No M/O?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. Marcothebest_1995

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    That is not porn. Porn is what you find in dedicated websites.
    And, even if it would be porn, you cannot delete this kind of content from every media, so you should learn how to manage urges from that.

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  2. I work in a gym and lifeguard at a pool and believe me I know that feeling all too well!
  3. I know it's only been 34 days so far but M has been literally a none issue this time around the cravings are literally all P, even the first time around where I didn't M for the best part of 2 years If the craving to O got intense enough It'd just motivate me to go out and find an attractive girl with the new found confidence I had gained and I was always successful, being in a sexless relationship this time around is making that tougher as my coping mechanism and my whole motivation behind it the first time around is gone so to speak.
  4. I hope so to, with no clear end goal in sight for me this time I'm hoping these cravings will eventually peak and diminish!
  5. I don't think a post has ever hit home as much as that, I haven't watched P in 34 days and I find myself thinking and remembering scenes I've watched in the past that towards the back end of my usage I would've probably deemed too "vanilla" constant battle in my brain thinking "that scene was so hot, I just want to see it 1 last time" with no intention of masturbating and going the best part of 2 years without M in the past and watching P knowing that I wont M, I just want to get all I can out f this and become the best version of myself I can be, and surely that's a version of me that doesn't need P?
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    Stay strong buddy! I know that feeling too. I recently start fighting with myself. The worst part is that my mind grieve upon all the P I will never watch. It become a part of my life and it's hard to let go.
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    I find not watching P to be much easier than no M today although i have had over three years experience of being abstinent from P now and my internet use stays within a set of strict rules and boundaries which keeps me safe and prevents me from making that choice again. Today it feels very much like a choice whereas a few years ago when i was at my worst it felt like an overbearing compulsion where i felt my capacity for choice got eroded. There is scientific reasoning behind that, it's been shown that the pre-frontal cortex shrinks and is adversely affected in those who have a porn addiction (and those who have drug addiction too). The pre frontal cortex is responsible for comparing and judgement and an addict or problem user tends to by pass that network in favour of seeking out pleasure which is coded in the brain as 'i need this to survive, it feels good so i need it' now i think 'i don't need it to survive, and in the end it felt terrible' so now with those years of abstinence as an advantage, my judgement and comparison is in a healthier state than it once was
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    Bro, you're an inspiration man.
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    no P. It's easy.
    The big damn problem is, I AM a very good visualizer.
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    That's exactly my issue. I wanted to open a website just now with P and I realized I'm really addicted to it. I'm also very lonely, thus my desire to watch P. But damn I'm almost month without M and O and still I watch a lot.

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