Does anyone else shake when they are about to use/relapse?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Freebliss, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Freebliss

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    im just curious if anyone else has this symptom. Like last night I was in tunnel vision searching an unorthodox place for hardcore images. (I don’t want to reveal where you can find these for your own good) like I have a filter on my phone and gone through many loop holes to prevent my self and still I find it.

    So as I’m searching for the “best material” I’m just shaking bad to the point I have to put the phone down cuz I can’t see.

    This is defiantly a serious addiction with real symptoms. I’ve been on this road of recovery for many years. I have cut down drastically from where I was. And still I’m physically shaking becuase the anticipation is so great.
  2. Jerky

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    Not exactly my experience but i did get quite jittery. I could feel warmth down my back and near where i believe my kidneys are. Just remembering the anticipation alone can be a trigger sometimes
  3. keepitreal-88

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    If its been over a week my heart starts racing, pure excitement about satisfying my addiction and getting what my body thinks it needs. Shows what a problem this is that its the most thrilling thing in my life. Win the battle, redirect that energy towards something else.
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  4. Orpheus12

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    In the psychological sense, it works for me purely like an addiction. I know when I go to look I will end up masturbating. I know this. But my willpower is as if just observing events with no control.
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    But I gotta say, no shakes yet
  6. You guys, dopamine is just one step down from adrenalin. Of course you're going to shake when you're about to use porn.
    You are putting a lot of stress on your nervous system every time you use pornography. It's no joke. It's hard reality. Just do the research. The dopamine which is reponsible for the high and pleasure you get, along with many other neurochemicals, is basically a stress hormone. At least it operates as such in the nervous system. So why do you think your heart starts racing and you start trembling or whatever the minute you see porn? It will even go as far as depleting your natural anti-depressant neurochemicals called serotonin in case of severe addiction. This stuff is capable of frying entire neurons. Receptors are wiped out or rewired. Everyhing is reset in order to operate on excitatory transmitters alone.
    Pleasure is not happiness. Just so you know.
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