Does anyone else wonder if we are living in hell right now?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by BigDawg913, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. This is something that I've been thinking about since an intense LSD trip I had this past summer.
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    Explains a lot
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    psychedelics don't give you the answers to life my friend.
  4. Without Jesus we basically are in hell.
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    I agree because there is no answer to life. It can be a dangerous and catastrophic experience if you're not in an adequate set and setting and this is why these substances should be carefully administered. But, in the right state of mind and with the right chemical, you can reach truly enlighting epiphanies and insight.
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    This reminds me of that dude who called 911 saying "I ate some brownies. I think we are dying, and I think we are dead now. Everything is really really really really really fast."
  7. The dichotomy of this post with the Axis Bold as Love avatar is really hilarious
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    I don't recommend doing drugs, but I suspect that there is some truth in what you thought of. I think that the closest thing to Hell that a believer in Christ experiences is this life (the present). It's like a prison.
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  10. I don't think so, but maybe this is all a simulation!

  11. Prove that Jesus is real before spouting stuff like that pls, thanks :D
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    If you will call Earth hell, it's will be hell. If you will call Earth heaven, it's will be heaven.
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    I wouldn’t equate liking an album cover to supporting drug enlightenment. The album art is beautiful and not to mention my favorite Henrix cd. Plus I’m a devoted Hindu.
  14. We all make our own hell or heaven on this planet.
  15. History proves that Jesus is real...

    Literally no historian on the planet rejects the existence of Jesus. They don't even reject the fact that he was crucified on a cross and that his tomb was empty several days later.

    Whether or not he is God is a different debate, but he was obviously a real guy. We know that just as much as we know Abraham Lincoln was a real guy. Maybe you should learn some more about history.
  16. My implicit meaning in saying that was that Jesus as described in the bible is real. That has yet to be proven to my knowledge. Perhaps I should have been more clear.
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    Sometimes I feel like that when I’m at work. Lol
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  18. I mean, that's still not entirely accurate. Tons of things mentioned in the Bible about Jesus' life are consistent with history and proven with historical evidence. The Bible itself is just as supported by historical evidence as any other historical text we study in history classes in school. I'm sure you will deny that, but perhaps you should look into it more first.
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    I think most historians stay away from this issue as it is too explosive. However there is not much proof outside the new testament itself that the events described therein really took place. That is of course something very different from proof that Jesus did not exist. Even according to the story itself his birth was never properly notified to the authorities.
  20. Most of them don't go around talking about it all the time, but if you asked them, they would not deny the birth and death of Jesus. It's just as well documented as many other historical events that we all accept as true.

    That's just completely false. I'm not trying to start an arguement or anything, but... that just isn't true.

    Even if it was true, though, there is much historical legitimacy to the Bible itself. It isn't just some book some dude wrote. It's a collection of texts from various time periods, from many people who never even met or spoke to each other, all corroborating the same stuff. I would really encouarage you and anyone else to look into the historical legitimacy of the Bible before dismissing as merely some book that we can't tale seriously.

    This is kind of off topic, so I didn't mean to derail the thread. People can look into it for themselves. I'm not gonna keep going back and forth about it. Sorry if this was a left turn from the original topic. I didn't mean for it to be a continued conversation.

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