Does anyone find it more difficult now during lockdown? What tips would you have? Especially in ter

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by tankgunner007, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. tankgunner007

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    I relapsed really hard today

    In fact I have been for the last few days

    It’s just when a thought comes into my mind I instinctively go to a site and I look back thinking why did I do that having wasted time

    That’s what gets to me it’s the time that could’ve been used productively

    It’s worrying and I need to take it one step it at a time from the basics

    It hasn’t been like this the last couple of weeks

    Overall I need to focus on changing my behaviour and patterns as oppposed to focusing on a streak for now

    That’s the first step with all these steps.

    My goal should be doing these steps daily

    put in the actionable changes from today

    1) put phone away at night and turn it off before playing games.

    get out of bed earlier in the morning

    2)Focus on the bigger picture as in working out staying healthy using this time more effectively applying to work

    I need to refocus on taking every day as it comes again and work on the basic steps. I can use my time more wisely

    I think it helps to distract yourself with things and focus on goals you can do now

    So for example I’m going to wake up excited about working out
  2. BiaForce

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    Take it day by day Brethren. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. This is a lifestyle change, not some challenge. Fall seven times and stand up Eight!!!!!!
  3. Liven

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    I've noticed that you allways can find excuses to fail. When i was working i come home after a stressful day and used PMO. And when you unemployed whith a lot of time you also have excuses. The thing is to have a new mindset so the circumstances doesent effect your behaviour.

    And the streak thing is for me stressful, yet i keep finding myself thinking about it. But therer is no finnish line, it never ends and "Ah now i can go back to it". Like people o have 30 days off alcohol/sugar/nikotion and then go back, whats the point?

    It's need to be a sustainable behaviourl change exactly what BiaForce are talking about. The risk is if you set a number in your head "I go 30 days" and then your mind sort of slip up and you go back.

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