Does anyone got hair loss problems due to M?

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  1. Hey I guess this might be off-topic, before I turned 22, my hair was mostly full at front and the hairline wasn't cleared, but now they are visible in the sunshine, and my frontal hair is receding more than before. I'm not sure whether I'm too conscious about it or it's actually getting bad. So I try to research on effect of M to hair loss, and a study shows that it increases DHT, which is something that lead to hair loss. It's so scary to me. I love to have a full hair that show youth and vitality.

    Comment your experience below :D
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    Yep. Masturbation dries out the hair and makes it look dull. Just stop for a month or 2 and youll see the difference.
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    Yea man, it definitely plays a role. I had amazing hair up until I was 24 and then it started to thin out and I almost shaved it because it was so bad. I’m 30 now. If u want to save your hair you need to end this PMO stuff. I was also on creatine at the time for working out and it increases DHT as well.
    I recently had a good run of nofap and have noticed my hair is coming back. It’s crazy, I also started taking zinc, selenium, and Vitamin D3 which help limit dht. I’d highly advise you start taking that. Do the liquid form sublingual so it goes straight to the bloodstream. Also avoid processed foods and sugar as they increase inflammation which can further advance the effects of DHT. Also intermittent fasting could play a helpful role as well (I’ve been doing 16/8 for about 6 months now). Use Aragon oil to massage your scalp once or twice a week and cut out shampoo completely (it takes 6 weeks before your hair stabilizes but so worth it). It’s been amazing for me. I never thought my hair would come back but it is!

    P.s I tried rogaine but it dries out my scalp and actually caused more inflammation making the situation worse. Aragon oil is much better as it hydrates the skin and increases circulation limiting DHT from binding to hair roots. Think sluggish blood flow = more time for DHT to attach to hair. You want your body flowing and healthy. Masturbation increases inflammation, raises body temp, and raises DHT.
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  4. Damn, I probably have to take those vitamins & reduce too much work out, just found out from my head & shoulder anti-dandruf is extremely bad for hair (Chlorid, and sulfate), I will stop using it but I still use conditioner. I found out that my hair is regaining its moisture but sometimes in the morning when I woke up it is very dry.
    Man I'm reducing my pmo for 7 days, I'm trying to reduce gradually on every relapse, but it's quite hard to hold on at the final days..
    My buddy has lots of fringes and we are both asian, he's 20 at least.

    Haha actually asian male doesn't lose hair as early as me, I'm actually rare case, does that mean I did PMO more excessive than them hahaha
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    No you don’t need to stop working out (it’s probably beneficial for your hair). My theory is better circulation = better hair and working out helps with that. You just need to avoid creatine and I quit protein shakes too. I can get enough protein through a healthy diet.
    Also every 7 days of PMO isn’t going to cut it. That’s what I was doing when I lost my hair. I’m trying to completely end it. My last streak was 68 days and I noticed it helped my hair a ton. There are lots of guys who do PMO every day and their hair is fine, but not everyone is affected by DHT. It’s a genetic trait that you and I have. Good news is we can limit DHT in our body. Socrates once said “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Start eating healthy and cut out PMO, take those supplements and if your like me you will see a great change. I just wish I would have known this when I was 22.
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  6. Thanks a ton, bro, my last streak was 7, but I felt like my resistance is not strong enough so I'm aiming for a slightly higher streak, which is 8. I'm planning to cut out extensively once I reach a streak around 20.
    I used to take protein shake, but not anymore, I wish I hadn't taken it, since I don't think it is necessary. To compare hair with muscle I think hair is better :)
    Really great encouragement and validation from you guys, I think the professional people on the blogs and websites are not telling like this, in fact most of them say masturbation has no scientific effects on hair, or acne or all that crap but there are so many REALITIES as we are now proving here. Seems like those articles on the internet are crap and trying to normalize PMO.
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    Unfortunately yes. I'm really fucking worried about my current situation. I'm only 17 and I have considerable receiding hairline, a bit of crown loss and low density hair. I repeat: I'm 17. I try to hide my hair loss with the type of haircut but people still noticing about my hairloss.
    I don't know the exact origin of that but my two biggest options are genetics (every man in my family is bald) and M. I've been M since 5/6 years ago almost everyday since I decided to stop it some months ago. As I said, every man in my family is bald (my grandparents, my dad and uncles) and I accepted since a kid I was gon' be bald in a future, but not as a teenager.
    I need help too :(
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  8. Damn bro that's tough, I think we'll need to lower testosterone and DHT all together. Follow the other guys advice, since you are 17 you are not too late~! Sleeps a lot it will help your hair grow well too
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  9. just purchased bananas, tomatoes, tuna, avocado for my diet today, I heard they help block DHT.
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  10. My latest streak was 8 days. And today is my 5th from abstaining from M & O. I don't know if it's just my feeling or anything but my hair is blacker and fuller than it looked before??? It's one of the motivation for me to abstain hehehehe
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