Does anyone had a recurring Lucid Dreams or repeating patterns on it?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Zillion, Feb 19, 2020.

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    I`ve ever experienced recurring lucid dreams (although I`ve partially experienced recurring vivid dreams).

    so here`s my story, I was into serious lucid dreaming concept in 2019, when I started writing my very first dream journals.

    Nowadays, I experience lucid dreams on a regular basis, also feeling of waking up somewhere else than where I slept. hence I`m working all day long in desk jobs.

    I eventually end up coding, reading certain materials on computer inside of Lucid dreaming.

    So here`s the million-dollar question, have you ever encountered any recurring lucid dreams (partially or in parts)?. If so, what had helped you to get into it?
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  2. You are not describing a lucid dream. You are describing ordinary dream.
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  3. I have had one dream reoccur 3 times in my life. The weird thing about it is the fact that I can recall it completely and it was exactly the same all three times.
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    A recurring dream means there is somthing in your life you are not facing. Your subcousiouse keeps bringing it up so you can face it. Ask yourself What fears or people or situations are you avoiding? Just asking the question to yourself before you go to might have the issue come to light in your next dream and have the issue resolved.

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