Does anyone live alone?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Ji83j, Mar 5, 2019.

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    I have basically have lived alone 21 years. The thing that helps is living with older brother. He is pretty much like me except he's downstairs and I have my own privacy. He comes up and drops off any mail I have. (There are two separate entrances, but steps for going up and down) I pay probably half as much as compared to renting from other landlords. Strong porn addiction for me which is not very good for me. I find it extremely difficult to approach women and not being rejected enough surely doesn't help much at all. I'm really close to giving up on ever actually having/desiring women since I can't get past the 'hi, how are you, small chitchat, weather and such.' I need to take chances more but nothing works. Running out of chances and opportunities.
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    I live alone but I've always been kind of introverted so I enjoy it. I don't feel lonely but I'm not working right now so I do get bored sometimes which is when I get tempted. If you feel like this would be bad for you then stay with your parents, save your cash and get your PMO habit under control. No need to rush into a situation that will stress you out.

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