Does anyone taking creatine supplement to help you with noFap?

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    English is my second language. I will try my best to share what I’ve learned.

    I’m currently doing strength training for nearly two months now. Than I decided to buy creatine supplement for my training purpose, I’ve been taking for nearly 3 weeks. I have realized that creatine help me with NoFap, I hope.

    Usually when I want to Fap my body will naturally impulse me to do it, at least 1-2 time a week some time more. but usually every week some time, two week once or twice. it’s depend, kinda hard to over come it. This is before my strength training, sometime during training.

    I am not sure weather this is too early to tell. Since I started taking creatine supplement I have no impulsive for doing Fap things with pornography. No desire to do it. I’ve searched that creatine isn’t just for strength training but also use for other area like elderly could able to move better, increase capacity of the brain, and many more benefit.

    Is there anyone out there are using creatine supplement for your personal use? Please share I really wanna hear your story. Thanks.
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    Hi, yes I just finished loading phase and now take 5mg maintenance daily. In two days from starting I noticed a difference in pushups, just had more strength and way less fatigue in the muscles. So it has been great for working, not feeling that physical drain so much from quitting pmo. I also take mag, zinc and vit d with k2, also feeling good.

    I didnt observe any effect helping me directly to keep away from pmo, but I think indirectly it has certainly helped. Yes there is a lot of research on creatine use, I think it may be the most researched supplement actually. There is evidence that it helps motor response and neural healing/ growth which will be handy for quitting pmo and finding new alternative things to do and setting them in the brain as new habits. Creatine monohydrate is also so cheap so there is not really a reason to not take it, unless your doctor says not to - always check with your doc before taking anything.
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