Does anyone use medication?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Sherlock_Poems, Oct 26, 2019.

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    So porn use is triggered by a lot of underlying problems. For some they're brought on by childhood trama or Untreated depression and anxiety
    My question is; does anyone use antidepressants or mood stabilizers for help beating this?
    I hate the idea of taking medication myself.
    But my wife wants me to think about it
  2. I'll just be honest with you on mood enhancement. I've gone completely herbal based. Herbs take up to 3 months of continual usage to begin exhibiting measurable effects, but they are real effects, but gentle and subtle. I think prescription psycho-actives can be very dangerous and cause many more problems than they solve. Prozac, for example, is one of the most dangerous psycho-actives ever developed. The stuff is the purest toxin and "deadens" the mind instead of enlivening it.

    I take a St John's Wart tea in the mornings and am beginning experimentation with Chasteberry tinctures and teas. These therapies are only to augment and enhance other approaches to deal with the issues in a holistic manner.

    But, I maintain that PMO is not the problem, but a symptom of the problem (or problems). I was severely abused as a child and taken by the state. What you'll find is that these childhood problems do not go away if left untreated. People do not simply "grow out of it". They must understand out of it.
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    In the content above you presented, Depression and then porn. You stated depression as the trigger. In a sense that when depressed you tend to seek for immediate freedom from that state of depression. Antidepression can help maintain your depression but what you do as the result of being depressed is a decision or a choice not a desease. All you need to do is find positive ways or constructive way to deal with your depression rather going straight. To porn. Wake up early go for a run, exercises, joint he gym do anything. Buy a punching bag, punch it every time you are depressed, or just run untill you feeling better. It all about self control. Viewing porn is a decision not a deceise, the only medication is learning control yourself.
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    Take some plants, herbal plants. Medication will kill you.
  5. Even worse, prescription meds can literally make you psychotic. They are not your friends. Psycho-actives were developed not to treat symptoms, but to chemically catatonize people during the mental ward era.
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    See thats what I'm saying! Medication to alter moods and mental being freak me out. Sounds like a way to another addiction or worse.
    Herbal remedy are a FANTASTIC Idea.
    And she is a hippie so this will appeal to her.
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  7. Don’t do it! One thing people don’t realize about antidepressants is that you just can’t stop taking them without messing yourself up. You become dependent on them and then have to gradually take yourself off if you want to stop. It’s as if you lose control. That combined with the crazy side effects turned me off from the idea several years ago when I was going through a rough time.

    Natural remedies and healthy activities like exercise are much better alternatives.
  8. A lot of people demonizing antidepressants...

    I have either clinical anxiety or PTSD and I must say they do help. It's not like they will solve all of your problems but they are the difference between suffering from crippling social and agoraphobia in my case and being able to function somewhat.
    They are not a solution but they really have their place in very severe disease and people who haven't experienced depression, anxiety, PTSD or any other type of issue really have no idea of what they're talking about.

    SSRI medications have been proven to protect nerve cells from damage in actual clinical depression. Just don't expect them to do anything for you if you don't have nervous illness.

    A combination of medications and psychotherapy has been shown to be the most helpful in actual cases of depression in clinical trials. Exercise and herbal remedies can be helpful but you will not reverse a state of actual clinical depression on herbs alone. Together with meditation it could certainly be a bonus treatment but CBT and doctor prescribed medications should be the first line of defense.
    Meds don't have to a be life sentence and no, they won't kill you. The opposite most likely is true in actual clinical illness.

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