Does Culture Play a Role in Virginity Shaming?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by RiBo, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Originally from Algeria, I come from a culture where being virgin is the norm and losing your virginity before marriage is looked down upon.
    Most of my friends, including myself, are virgins !
  2. himmelstoss

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    I bet they did lose it and their families/imams are all covering it up
  3. I get this pessimistic answer most of time. Assuming that everybody "did it once" doesn't make that assomption a fact. Yes there are people who are being covered by their families or religious institutions, and this exists everywhere.
    No, by "friends" I mean people I've known for a long time and share a lot with. And as I said, "most of them" not all, are virgins.
  4. desb

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    Yes, I do understand and believe that men can be virgins till marriage if they are expected to as per the cultural norms.
  5. desb

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    You can't be too sure of that. Culture does dictate our attitude towards sex. It's true. Coming from an Asian country, I definitely can understand that.
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    yes. when i was a kid even drinking alcohol or smoking a cigarette was looked down upon. nowadays not drinking alcohol means you're some kid or you're stupid, not living life, not enjoying life.

    its the same with porn and fapping. i've had colleagues ask me do i masturbate.

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