Does Febraury bring in any good ?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Coolbuddy7, Jan 29, 2019.

Do you think your Life would be more productive had there been no social networking apps & youtube ?

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  1. Coolbuddy7

    Coolbuddy7 Fapstronaut

    I have been meticulously trying to quit porn for good over the past month. I am a school going student, whose year ending exams are so close enough and up next, I have to find a good university to be learning at three months from now. So, No need to mention, I have a lot of work to do !! But, this is what I have been doing :
    I turn on my laptop/mobile phone to tweak about new messages or updated news, and I end up spending hours together browsing having lost track of time. Suddenly, I realize that I've wasted quite a lot of time by reading unnecessary articles. Then again, consoling myself I open up youtube and begin watching any good inspirational videos, and later turn to watching some highlights of Football matches that have happened earlier that day, again spending quite a lot of time in there and before I realize that, I see some picture or any other thing that might trigger me, and I can't help myself and get in into seeking help from porn, and then Realize my temporary pleasures with it. Later I get swallowed into the shallow deep ocean of regret and despair. Again, I go on to do the ritual of having to reset my day-counter on Nofap [ which seemed to be a painful process a while ago, But, Now I am somewhat used to seeing it go away ! ] Then hours together being spent on Nofap, I go back to bed having learnt nothing, and at the same time, wrecking away my Stretch of abstinence from porn. This is where I really get embarrassed and get down into making scars in my mind due to my emotions then. I am also feeling bad for I stopped working out after I relapsed five times in two weeks.

    I go on to go for a PM- free stretch for quite a while before finally giving in again. Now, I would request people to kindly advise me and to tell me how to get things working ! See, I just stay awake mostly during nights , and waste my time very well. But, I am just not knowing how to do it. I am trying different ways, but I can't possibly move further. I woke up early on one of these days where I abstained for 5 days, after turning to bed early and that was a wonderful experience. So I am making a Statement here, I would thereby, go to bed as early as say 21:30 hours or to the maximum of maybe 22:00 hours, and that would be it ! My next objective would be to stop using any electronic gadget at all, strictly from 19:00 till the time I go to sleep. Then, I would touch my smartphones (after turning off the alarm) only after I have had my breakfast. Then, I would limit my maximum Screen Time on mobile devices and my laptop to a maximum of 2 hours. This I am following for the whole of February while at the same time, aiming to take a dig at running for abstaining a month long from PM.

    Any other advises, (or) any idea's are surely welcome.
  2. joeljoel

    joeljoel New Fapstronaut

    I have an idea . just take yourself seriously and start doing things . since your exams are near you try your best to focus on that instead of doing nofap . Nobody will take time to feel sorry for you except your mom or dad . from this moment solely focus on quitting whatever it is that is ruining you and committing yourself to your work.whatever done is done , take this moment to be the turning point of your life ,from now on focus on yourself. You can quit youtube , you can quit watching football its upto you. entertainment is important but make sure you entertain yourself after you finish working. study for 4 hours and then maybe take a break and watch some youtube videos maybe. take a notebook and maintain it as your journal. write your daily plans and tasks you have to complete that day. and then at the end of the day review it . take breaks between every hour and listen to music for 10 minutes and then get back to studying.

    whatever done is done but I hope now you learnt your lesson and start working like a true adult
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  3. Coolbuddy7

    Coolbuddy7 Fapstronaut

    Hey, thanks for the motivation. I feel hyped up. I am surely going places !
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