Does feminism help or hurt men/women?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by splinter, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. splinter

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    Earlier, I offered to help a lady with putting something heavy into her cart at the store. Instead of a simple yes or no, she completely freaked out, telling me how the patriarchy considers women weak, and how women are constantly oppressed or else they’d be the better sex, and men knew that, and a bunch of other stuff.

    But I also see women being treated as objects throughout our society, which I hear feminists be against.

    Or else I'm just wrong?

    What are your thoughts on feminism?
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  2. Jen@8675309

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    I think feminism, as with most social movements, had a valid beginning to right some wrongs and seek equality, but has pretty much been taken over by the more fringe elements. Today there seems to be so many different flavors of feminism that it's really hard to generalize about what all feminists seek. If a guy were to hold a door open for me, pull out a chair or assist with carrying, I would simply smile and say "thanks!"

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    Giving more opportunities to women: I support.

    Shaming women for not wanting to work, or wanting children, etc: I oppose.

    Hating men for being men: I obviously oppose.

    It really depends on the extremity
  4. HatePorn

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    I heard that real feminists tend to make everything equal for both men and women, it kind of doesnt affect me in any way so I dont pay too much attention. Now about feminazis, thats a total different thing, its a bunch of stupid females of every age, princessses that rule the world, lazy asses that thinks they are better then everyone.
  5. Evig Faith

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    I don't get why women get offended when people ask them for help. I myself find it sweet and charming, and usually I let them help me if it's not a fishy scenario.

    However, if for some reason I say No due to worrying about my safety (I won't ever let someone I don't know to go in my house, nor will I be with them in private) and they keep insisting, THAT is when I will get mad. I think in that case, most kind men who have hearts of gold fail to realize that chivalry is a great way for rapists to get you isolated nowadays, and as a woman, it's hard to differentiate between the two in those cases.
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  6. Carlossheen

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    You found one of the crazy ones, I had a professor like that and the class sucked, she was always MUH PATRIARCHY, generalizing men and being generally offensive towards men for no real reason. In the end you don't wanna be close to those kind of women, they seem obessessed with patriarchy and gender roles.

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  7. Sarah Walker

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    My Journal
    There's so many times I see women getting mad at stuff like that. A lot of women don't want chivalry anymore because they say they're "strong and independent women", you can appreciate what men go out of their way for and still be strong.

    I find it so sad when women get mad or offended at the slightest bit of help from men, I would actually prefer the older days where men would lend umbrellas, help out with heavy stuff or do things just out of pure kindness like holding doors open. I think it's really sweet and makes me feel more feminine when a guy is polite like that.

    A lot of guys say they stopped doing chivalry, because they've been berated or yelled at by women who say they don't need their help. :(
  8. Hard gainer

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    Every human should be treated with equality, it may be women, men , child , old, black, white etc( i.e. humanism).
    But behavior of some people in name of feminism is instead of bringing gender equality, it is creating unequlity. I think this is the reason causing many people getting angry on hearing the word feminism.
    I always respect women and want them equality. But also don't support people using feminism for their personal benefits or to insult people.
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  9. LankyAssBoi

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    I'm all for equal rights but seriously, fuck third wave feminism
  10. Plutonium

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    I would just apologize and explain how biology is 100% to blame - for it was biology that made you so much stronger than her. So if she got any beef she should take it out on biology...

    That will, of course, just freak her out even more - because these third-wave feminists are suffering from a mental disorder. Then just laugh and walk away. These men-hating feminists deserve to be ridiculed at every turn.

    Every sensible person is a first wave feminist. Women should have equal property and voting rights to men. Second wave feminism begins to get a bit iffy, though I'm not confident I fully understand it. Third wave feminism is completely nuts and is little more than naked man hating. Sadly a single, 40-year old, fat, childless third-wave feminist is left with her cats and plenty of time to realize her stupidity when it is already too late.
  11. Buzz Lightyear

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    The problem with feminism, as with most ideologies, is its obsession with the abstraction of equality. And the problem with equality, as with all abstractions, is its disconnection from reality.

    The relations between the sexes are not to be defined by equality but by polarity. Masculinity and femininity, like everything else, are what they are. And this relation goes toward a large part of the grace, beauty and magic that we might manage to find in this world.

    Of course there is a relative equality to be found among everyone in virtue of being human... this has hardly anything to do with sex, race, or color. This relates to a universal condition and is to be found in the ethical sphere, not in the socio-political one. The problem with the ideologues, of whatever persuasion, is they want to politicize all existence.
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  12. Dake1963

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    I have decided to just be a bit of a male separatist. It makes life so much easier. I have settled into a place of hard monk mode, I have sensitive male friends at a local western Buddhist temple I can hang out at for meditation (I am not actually a Buddhist) and I just politely remove myself from any woman or social circle that go into feminist anti-male mode. Life is so much easier and gentle. I keep in touch with a couple of very long-term women friends whom I have known for over 10 years, but that's about it.
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  13. Plutonium

    Plutonium Fapstronaut

    While I completely understand where you are coming from, just realize that by doing this you are letting the third wave feminists win.

    Most women are not third-wave feminists. Real women still love real men, and vice versa. The men women ought to fear are feminist men; they are often sexual predators.

    Don't stop being a gentleman. That is the highest virtue a man can aspire to. And always try to do what gentlemen do. Gentlemen love and respect feminine ladies, and pity and avoid third wave feminists.
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  14. Evig Faith

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    This is the exact reason why I hate third-wave feminism. They claim to support womanhood yet do actions that completely destroys men's trust in women. It's part of the way society attacks families or prevents them from forming.
  15. Gotham Outlaw

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    If you ever encountered another one I'd pull the "did you assume my gender" card. While I'm not trans I see this as a great way to use their logic against them. I mean after all their is 47 genders after all.

  16. LankyAssBoi

    LankyAssBoi Fapstronaut

    Lmao I never thought of that
  17. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    Modern feminism, as well as the SJW mindset, is not helping anyone. It's doing so much more harm than good. I watch a lot of anti-SJW channels, but I watched a particularly good podcast interview the other day between Dave Rubin and Laci Green. Laci Green is a woman who still considers herself a feminist, but rejects the modern feminist stuff and the SJW stuff. I tend to agree with her on most things, I think.

    But I think part of the problem is labels. Like in your original post, you say this situation happened to you, BUT you also see this other negative stuff happens that counters that. So what? Both happen. There's no need to decide that feminism is 100% good or 100% bad. It's not either. There are good things and bad things. When it comes to their wave, modern feminism, I rarely see any good. But there are still plenty of classic feminists out there who are fighting for good things and not being crazy.

    Modern feminism definitely harms everyone, though. If you're interested in seeing more of the craziness of modern feminism, I would recommend YouTube channels like Dave Rubin, Blaire White (she might be too triggering for some people to watch, though, because she generally dresses pretty... well, slutty), and Andy Warski. Some of them can be a bit too harsh for my taste, but at the same time, they make a lot of great points and shed some light on the crazy SJW and feminist things that are going on around us. Be careful, though, to remember that third wave feminism isn't as rampant in reality as it is online, but I definitely think it's a rising issue.
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  18. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    Here are a couple podcasts you might be interested in... the first is a debate between Blaire White and Laci Green, back when Laci was more heavily involved in feminism and the SJW community. The latter is a more recent discussion with Dave Rubin and Laci, now that she has changed a bit (or rather, made her feelings more known... she makes that clear in the discussion).

    Just a couple trigger warnings, or things that might bother people... Blaire and Laci talk about rape at one point, and I should also mention that Laci is a sex educator, so especially on The Rubin Report, they do talk about some sex education stuff. Aside from that, I can't really remember anything else, aside from language. I haven't watched the Blaire/Laci video in a while though, so I apologize if I missed anything.

    EDIT: I just watched most of that first video again, and it might not be the best view of the issues in feminism. I forgot how much of the conversation was dominated by discussing gender, not necessarily feminism. Instead, I would recommend you watch some videos various women have made about why they are not feminists.
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  19. Third_Eye

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    I think feminism had a good meaning to it, at the beginning, but now it is a man-hating movement. It just upsets me, because not all men are bad. Just like not all women are bad
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  20. Feminism is based on hate. Therefore it will produce negative behavior.

    What 's really necessary is that hurted women learn to forgive the ones who suppress and hurt them.
    And men and women have to learn to respect each other and to work together.

    There is a whole army of women (feminists) who hates men so deeply that the only thing they want is to let men kneel for them and let men serve them, making them their sex slaves.
    And because of the insecurity of myself and many others here, I and we become a victim of their sich behavior (read: addicted to them).

    Isn't that crazy?

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