Does HOCD get more painful when abstaining?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Jackson Rorschach, Apr 13, 2019.

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    Hi. I am currently attempting 90 days. Am on day 16 now. Though I have tried in the past, but now am really trying extra hard. Since I began trying this year I have fapped alot less. Like I make it about 10 days, relapse, than try again. This time I am really determined. I've noticed that the frustration from HOCD seems to be increasing I find myself reassuring myself more than usual.
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    HOCD has not to do with your porn addiction per se. It was just triggered by it. HOCD means you're not sure about your sexuality because you gathered enough doubt to question yourself. Understand what being gay means, to deeply desire relationships with men, not just sex and to never have really wanted that with women. Is that you? Or did you just jerk off to cock a couple times and got confused.
    You need to figure those things out yourself until you are sure what you are. Then every time the HOCD pops up you have a strong answer, until it will become boring to have the thought at all and you will drop it.
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    I have had this for about four years now. I am sure I don't want men, since it feels wrong and aggravating. I'm so used to the thoughts that I am not as afraid of them. But i think that is part of the problem. I think it is called a backdoor spike. Where you worry that you are not worrying enough. Porn addiction has done nothing to help. Which is why i am abstaining.
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  4. Abstaining will help. I've talked to multiple people on NoFAP about HOCD because I suffered from it when I was younger.
    It lessened in my case the longer I went with NoFAP and then it completely died.
    Considering the sheer amount of time we have put into developing this porn addiction it safe to say it's going to take longer than 15 days to really see any significant changes.
    Theres some good advice here. Really HOCD is a homophobic anxiety that builds in self doubt and nervousness. The longer you abstain from porn the more your mind will heal. The more it heals the more confident you will become. In self confidence, without overly questioning or worrying, you can honestly look at a man or a woman and determine which you are sexually attracted to. Or both. It has nothing to do with the mind. These things are instinctual. You will simply know right off the bat you wont have to question or worry and then worrying or constant self-assurance will be unnecessary and seem ridiculous. This weight will be lifted off your troubled mind.
    It's a great feeling to take your power back and let useless and harmful thoughts and worry leave you brother. Keep going!
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