does looking at hot girls at the street hits dopamin?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Hold the Line, Jul 5, 2021.

  1. Hold the Line

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    does even looking at hot girls screw the reward system?
  2. Pathofsuccess_1

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    I would avoid it for the duration of the reboot. 90 days minimum. It’s because you want to avoid intentionally seeking arousal. This is the backbone of the addiction that your fighting. Anything to do with reinforcing in will only be detrimental. Keep your mind and eyes clean. Good luck!
  3. Life Project

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    I agree with Pathofsuccess here. Take control of your mind and avoid looking lustfully upon women. You need to start purifying your mind in order to have long-term success. If you start allowing your mind to look at women this way, you're putting these images back into your mind, making it much easier for those thoughts to turn into relapse. As the famous saying goes, "If you give satan an inch, he'll take a mile." Don't allow any chances.
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  4. Hot girls, hot girls, the world is full of hot girls. No peeking, buddy.
    Forget rewards! Think about your life. Look, they are not going to go away. On social media, on the street, on the bus, at work - everywhere! Stuff that I never dreamed would excite me before nofap now gets me going. It's the world today. But you have to manage this. Feeling guilty and anxious is useless. Be confident and stay in control. Admit it to yourself when you have been aroused or triggered or whatever and keep moving! Don't wallow in it.
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  5. 野良西木

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    Yes, it does release dopamine. But no where near how porn screw you up. And no, it won't screw you to the point of having to restart.
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  6. wastewater

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    Unless you can look, acknowledge and then move on ? ?...aha.. you've already answered your question, before you posted strong.
  7. Spartan1998

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    So this is my story concerning this topic,

    I started Nofap 2 years ago, and relapsed again and again also by having streaks like 180+ days.

    I finally wanted to never relapse again and asked myself why I relapse all the time.
    So I realized that triggers (such as looking at hot girls in the street) are very very bad for the healing.

    So now I have a streak of 17 days but what I do different is that I AVOID ALL TRIGGERS.

    So how to do it? It‘s simple when you see a hot girl, you just look at her for 2-3 sek and you just walk your way and you just don‘t care.
    The same thing on instagram when you see accidentally hot girls pics just scroll down like you don‘t care.

    I think Triggers are the reason why the most people relapse again and again.

    So now I think for myself I will never relapse again because I will avoid all triggers. And I think I will get healed like that.

    I hope I‘ve helped you somehow with these informations.
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  8. I was only able to get to my 50 days without looking at girls on street. I also avoid tv shows with hot girls. If I look at any girl and I start noticing anything about them, like good looking eyes, skin, lips, hair, body etc.. I look away immediately and try to think about something else. The consequence is that until now I have no triggers or rushes.
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  9. Abel100%

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    [QUOTE = "Ogikubo, publicación: 3059027, miembro: 294345"] Chicas calientes, chicas calientes, el mundo está lleno de chicas calientes. No mirar, amigo.
    ¡Olvídese de las recompensas! Piense en su vida. Mira, no se van a ir. En las redes sociales, en la calle, en el autobús, en el trabajo, ¡en todas partes! Cosas que nunca soñé que me emocionarían antes de que nofap ahora me ponga en marcha. Es el mundo de hoy. Pero tienes que gestionar esto. Sentirse culpable y ansioso es inútil. Tenga confianza y mantenga el control. ¡Admítelo a ti mismo cuando te hayas excitado o provocado o lo que sea y sigue moviéndote! No se revuelque en ello. [/ QUOTE]
    Excelente consejo, Experiencia y sabiduría en el actuar DTB
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  10. Hold the Line

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  11. skaterdrew

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    No it's natural. It's natural when dopamine rises making you want to seek and chase after women.

    But it's when you do this on an artificial platform, so high speed internet, where you can keep raising dopamine more and more, to unnaturally high levels in the brain. This is when it is unnatural.

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