Does Masturbation reduce human's immunity ?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Deleted Account, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Kligor

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    For me masturbation does reduce human immunity last year i was sick just two times and duration of that was maybe few days.
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  2. phwrancesco

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    I'm not a doctor but i feel safe saying that probably don't.
  3. ultrafabber

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    I would say it is expected to reduce it, especially if it comes in contact with parts it shouldnt be in contact with (anything besides the penis itself).

    Semen actually has compounds that lower the woman's immune system so that it does not attack the sperm which is a foreign organism to her. This is something we know already. So there is no reason to belive that semen can lower immunity in men also.
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    I have masturbated my entire life (since infancy) and have always been very healthy. But now at 40+, in the last years I am getting ill almost every month, even summer (and summer here is very hot) I have the flu, and during autumn and winter I am almost continually ill. I think age takes its toll over the body, and just like there are many things that don't work as perfectly as they used to 20 years ago (articulations, muscles, digestive system), I think the body now suffers more from constant masturbation, and this is one of the reasons I am trying to stop (the other is religious, as I converted to Catholicism). I don't think it is the only cause for getting ill so frequently (unhealthy food, lack of exercise and stress are also other factors), but I suspect it is also related.
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  5. Indurian

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    It definitely reduces man's humanity!
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  6. Hermenegildo

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    I was given a bj after 37 days nofap and I felt I came for nearly a minute, nearly throttling the blower apparently. I felt exhausted for a few days and relapsed. This is the second time I try nofap hard mode but I feel a bit more down, less energetic and enthusiastic than the first time; I did feel I had superpowers, but now that's all lost. I still look after my diet, hit the gym four times a week and only drink alcohol once a week but I can't help feeling slightly depressed. Does this mean that once you go nofap everytime you have sex after a while you'll feel this way?
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  7. I am sorry I haven't responded here, I didn't get any notification and found the thread is updated by coincidence.

    Thank you very much @IAmLegion for sharing this. I strongly agree with every word you typed. In the first two lines I read I thought you are going to day that "No masturbation is harmless" as many many doctors say.. I met some graduated medical students who were defending PMO blindly. I witness the hell of fatigue that caused me by PMO, it has really weakened me physically, mentally, and psychologically. It has really caused a big mess that I 1000% assure it is a PMO symptom/withdrawal and nothing else. I will mention about this in detail once I complete my streak :) But it is horrible.

    I noticed that those times my Zinc level was over-topped! although I thought it will be low due to ejaculation. I can link Shingles was caused by high stress and anxiety days before.

    Currently I am facing similar symptoms; pelgem, flu like symptom and cough.

    Sorry to say, but you are extremely wrong.
  8. i_have_pizza

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    I'm sorry you. You are wrong
  9. Still Trying

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    I find this very fucking interesting. I'm middle-aged and followed the same path as most middle-aged guys here: magazine to movies to internet porn to chatting. The last 7-9 years have really escalated for me. Online chatting and seeing escorts. I've noticed I have a chronic knot in my stomach, probably from tensing up for long act-outs. A lot of acid and issues with my stomach, probably from nerves and overexcitement. Sore back, probably from slouching and tensing during hours-long act-outs. And I too came down with shingles a little over a year ago at 42 years old.

    This shit is as good a reason as any to quit.
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  10. I relate to the stomach knot and the acids, this is due to excessive masturbation. Also problems in digestion. After I searched a lot about how shingles is developed I conclude that it is produced either by excessive stress, low immunity, or old age people +60 years. First two causes are also effected by PMO.
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  11. phwrancesco

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  12. alexg1709

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    Can you please clarify what this stomach knot is.

    I am 39 and just got shingles last week. I have been over training and not sleeping well for months.

    I found like a hard tissue in the upper part of the abdomen close to the chest I can feel it by touching it.

    I thought it's a lymph gland or something caused by shingles. I will ask my doctor on Tuesday
  13. Kevodrag

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    So i am speaking based on my own thoughts: Sperm/cum (whatever) are cells right, cells are made from proteins, carbs, fats, blah blah, basically nutrients.
    Your body has a certain requirement of sperm production daily, if you wank a lot and therefore cum a lot, you’re washing valuable cells down the toilet sink. Which is why masturbation addicts don’t feel energetic, they just want to sit, and sleep.
    Basically lack of nutrients. So, Try to limit the wanking (or sex) to about a healthy 3 times per week. Not more. Eat well, rest well, you should be fine.
  14. Still Trying

    Still Trying Fapstronaut

    Definitely ask your doctor. I'm certainly not that! My "stomach knot" wasn't a literal knot that I could feel. I was just tensing my abdominal muscles so much every time I PMoed. On top of that, I had a ton of excitement and worry. It all gave me an ache in my belly that wouldn't go away because I never gave it a chance to rest. Good luck with the shingles. They SUCK! I hope they clear up sooner than later.
  15. Jon Rheagar

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    Thanks for sharing @IAmLegion. I agree with this post because for every action there is a reaction.
    It would be of great pleasure if you could share with us possible ways to regain lost nutrients/vitamins back into the body. Also ways to balance each hormones as a victim journeys into days of not ejaculating (NoFap). Thank you.
  16. thinking_differently

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    I think yes it does.
    I’m just recovering from Shingles, I’m not even 20.

    The virus,Herpes Zoster, resides in our nerves, lying dormant for many years until it reactivates and starts attacking. Early detection is ideal, and we have an antiviral drug to neutralise toxins secreted by the virus.
    The triggers for reactivation of the virus are not specifically known, although it could happen due to a general increase in Metabolism(When you say you feel the heat in your body).

    I personally think frequent MO increases Metabolism to make for alll those nutrients we drain into the sewers!

    Of course your shingles are cured now, and you are immune to it.
    A few days ago, I was really panicked as I MOed, just after a day or two of detecting shingles, but I feel better now.
    How are you doing? @Master Chips
  17. phwrancesco

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  18. Hey man, I hope you are doing better now. Yes I was cured. As I searched I reached a conclusion that Shingles can be caused in case of three cases :
    1- If your immunity is very weak.
    2- High stress/Anxiety/Depression.
    3- Aging (60+)

    Masturbation does all. It promotes aging. I was shocked couple days ago that I have got a cyst in my kidney (which happens for people 50+ and rarely with 35+) but it is simple cyst. And about symptoms, Masturbation does a hell of symptoms that make many serious issues in the body. I hope things get better as I reboot. Keep going!
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