Does nofap fix ED

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Johnnyfranks, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Johnnyfranks

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    Hey guys I'm just starting out on my nofap in hopes of fixing my ED issues. I recently hit the wall when I was excessively watching porn for hours at a time over fee week span. Now I can't even get erection without self stimulation. It started out as a smaller issue. I wasn't able to keep an erection during sex if I was on bottom. I started using the blue pill to fix this issue but now it has grown into much bigger problem. It's been a week without porn or masturbation but still use the blue pill sometimes just so I can please my wife. Can anyone testify to nofap helping in this area?
  2. Fixed mine. I had only been fapping for a year before I started trying to quit so mine went away fairly quick.
  3. Xander74

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    Yes it works but not overnight. Start your no PMO now to prevent serious damage to your marriage and recovery takes longer the older you get. Check out my journal for my journey. I’m here near 2 years and currently on a 60+ day streak and feeling fantastic.
  4. gunslinger215

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    I think it does, if you do a hard mode. Apart from fixing your ED, not fapping or ejaculating will make you feel overall more energetic throughout the day as well.
  5. Trappy7

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    Definitely works. I'm 40 days in and getting erections left right and centre lol
  6. ClaudeDuval

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    Yes, even going 1 week without PMO I already felt more sensitive. Think of it like a heroin addict, at first a little does the trick but eventually you have to keep upping the dose to get the same high. You get to a certain point where nothing does the trick anymore... You have to resensitize yourself.

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