Does nofap help you find your purpose?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Nick:3, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. Nick:3

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    So I am finishing up with uni, but don't know where exactly I want my life to go, I have vague ideas.
    What I am wondering is will nofap help me in finding my path?
    Also are there any tips on finding what career you really want to do?

    P.s. I want a job so awesome, that I love so much, that I look forward to it on weekends!
  2. NoFap will make you feel better about your life. But you're not gonna have some kind of enlightenment. In my opinion, the only way to find out what you want to do in your life is to try new things, to get out of your comfort zone.

    If you haven't figured out what makes you tick, it's just that you haven't tried enough things. I suggest you make a list of everything you like. If none of the items on this list inspires you enough, it's time to try new things.

    Good luck :)
  3. yugowolf1991

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    Agree with you there mate, however depending on how you look at it nofap could help with this very issue. As you become a more confident version of yourself you will probably try a lot more things and eventually find your way.

    Nofap isnt a magic pill however when combined with self improvement principles its damn hard to fail. Good luck my friend
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  4. Max666

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    Your purpose should already be found. NoFap will give you drive to carry it through. Will also give you an advantage over all the guys who masterbate regularly- you'll have more 'real' confidence (theirs is forced), you'll find it easier to be yourself around others, you'll have better chance of getting girls than they (because a girl's instinct is what decides attraction).
  5. Kligor

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    Nofap have changed my life for better.I now have in my mind,what is my life purpose?If i figure it out right,then it is to be happy and to share love.Living your life freely,being confident,kind,patient.
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  6. fil.exe

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    Something that outstanding is certainly possible, but not without much.. I was about to say blood sweat and tears.
    Glad I could stop myself, phew!

    Is sacrifice the right word?

    My point is.
    In order to get something greater we must give up on the good we have in the present. That road involves a lot of boredom and bordering the frontiers of your sanity. It requires not falling back to lower desires when too much effort, seemingly, is spent on trivial stuff. Tedious procedures can demoralize very quickly if you're not doing it for somebody else. When it's all about you, you care too much about having fun while you're at it.

    The boring investments are what is needed to begin living a life of fulfillment, I said begin, yes.

    It's not over when you finally get the Cookie. If you think it is, you'll be taught the hard way. As blessed as someone can get, life can tear that apart in less than a blink of an eye.
    So don't attach yourself too much.
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  7. Wilde°

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    Nofap gave so much, the list won't end. I guess the answer is obvious from me :)
  8. SirWanksalot

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    Have you ever done a prolonged (couple of days) dopamine detox?
    Getting all the stimulation out of your life, and yes, getting some boredom in all of a sudden makes it MUCH clearer what truly excites you.

    Then, you go for what is most painful in your life. Wtf why? Because something is emotionally painful to you because you CARE about it. Most people searching for what they love and stuff never watch the opposite way first. Never go into the pains in their life which would point them directly at what they care about.

    Suffering a lot because of loneliness? --> Probably a freelancer job staying at home only programming won't do it for you then. Rather pick something with people. Get what I am trying to get at here?

    List all the major pains in your life that have accompanied you maybe for years. Also the current ones.
    And then ask you WHY is this so painful? What do I care about that makes this so painful? What would have to be different in order to be more fulfilling for me?

    That's what I've been doing a couple of times in my life at this point and life feels a ton more fulfilling. Can wholeheartedly recomment it. If you have questions feel free to contact me.
  9. Daisetsuu

    Daisetsuu Fapstronaut

    Dopamine detox, this is interesting how can one go about doing this and explain more wise sir :D
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  10. SirWanksalot

    SirWanksalot Fapstronaut


    Well, you have Son Goku as your avatar. I can't NOT help you now. The code forbids it. You always need to respond to a fellow DB fan. This is the way...

    Like what do you need? I can give you a list of Do's and dont's for example.


    • Intense motivational Music

    • Motivational videos

    • Video gaming

    • Porn

    • Masturbation

    • Junk food

    • Internet

    • Social media

    • Phone

    • Drugs (alcohol, weed, etc.)

    • Cigarettes

    • Coffee


    • Meditate (The most powerful tool in your toolbox by far)

    • Clean place

    • Values & pain writing

    • Movement

    • Walk (The most boring superpower there is, but it is a superpower ;-)

    • Intensified grooming
      • Hair, beard

      • Skin care

      • Clothes maintenance

      • Teeth

      • Etc.
    • (maybe do) Getting together with good people

    • Can even include fasting all together if you want to (have not done that in a while but may actually give it a shot again soon now that I think about it...)

    Do a lot of stuff. Most people can't sit with boredom and in that state of understimulation, as soon as the smallest "dopamine teaser" comes along, it seems like the greatest gift from heaven. Nah man, you actually have to either learn to sit with boredom (meditation is the best thing for that) and/or fill your day with low-stimulation activity.
    Also, don't expect it to feel good the first time... until you learned to handle pain and boredom in a healthy way.
    Start with one day maybe. Work your way up to a couple of days.

    Does that help? Anything else that's still unclear?
    Also, if you are interested, I have a small group of guys and we do an intensive once a month together on a discord server.
  11. fil.exe

    fil.exe Fapstronaut

    Is the proposal open to the public?
    That sure sparked my interest, even more after going on about dopamine detox (I'm rather familiar with the concept but only just recently started applying it.)

    To conquer boredom seems to be the path to fulfillment. Speaking from personal experience.
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  12. SirWanksalot

    SirWanksalot Fapstronaut

    Yes it is ;-)
  13. Daisetsuu

    Daisetsuu Fapstronaut

    Wow that's perfect bro! I'm saving these to add onto and to reflect...I have a lot of thinking to do. Fasting would count as a dopamine detox if I were to include these right?

    Lol yes, I am a HUGE fan, awesome to meet another one like myself! My avatar reflects my streak, the longer I go on nofap, the more rejuvenated Goku becomes, right now He is tired because well...I am low on nofap juice lol.

    I would like to take the offer brother, is there a link of some sort?
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  14. SirWanksalot

    SirWanksalot Fapstronaut

    Sure man! Happy to help. Sending you a link via pm.

    And I like the idea of visually regenerating Goku^^
    Too bad there are no real Senzu Beans around... Only hard work and practice. But I am sure Goku wouldn't mind that at all actually ;-)
  15. Try taking the MBTI test and also the big 5 personality test..there are a lot of other tests like socionics, Holland's theory, Enneagram, etc but I recommend these two for now. Try experimenting with it and it may give you some idea on how your mind works as we all have different primary functions in our mind that we are mostly aware and familiar with..So your job is to be aware of every single aspect of your mind until you find the's like meditation and self-inquiry..of course, nofap is also a good supplement to make you find your purpose in life because most people who has taken this journey has specific problems that is related to NoFap and they have taken the first step which is to change and they are willing to want to change because they are conscious of their actions. .But the question is, How much they are conscious of it internally?.Here's the catch, You already know your life purpose but you don't conscious of it yet..To be conscious of it you need to expand your circle of concern and expand your sense of self..Also, no test, culture, ideologies have a monopoly on the Truth but actually are pointing at the Truth, so try to learn as much as possible from different cultures, ideologies, test. Finding your life purpose is quite a tricky stuff because it's an endless journey. Even this reply is also pointing at it. Good luck
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