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    Me checking in on a websites and always thinking about it just feels like carrying a huge burden, I only did it every couple of days and most of the time without porn. The problem is just getting more attention the more i tell myself not to do it, its stressful as shittt. Keep in mind this is my preference able way of thinking about it and these are my choices im making. I just need to get away from it COMPLETELY and i think me using this website was a mistake since its not a big problem for me and im just consuming myself with this too much. Another reason why i cant get fapping out of my head is that its summer and im bored. cutting out Fapping and anything related to fapping in general just helps you get rid of the habit easier. Think about it when you tell someone not to do something they are even more tempted to do that thing its psychology Bruv. I am not going to check this website anymore, Im not going too watch any nofap videos, veiw any nofap websites, anything that has to do with masturbating in general im just going to get out of my life which means ill literally just never check or go on this website right when im done writing this.......goodluck with what you guys are doing peace.
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