Does PMO affects on concentration?

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    Hello, guys!
    I am now on day 2 without PMO, my biggest streak was almost 17 days, but I will spend 90 days without PMO this time, I CAN do it!
    But there is a problem; when I study I can't concentrate on my studying for school, I don't have willpower and determination since last year, when I started watching porn.
    I can't focus on my goal to get full marks!!!
    Is that because of PMO or it's just my problem?
    And if PMO affects on concentration, How long does it take for brain to get back to the normal state?
    Please, answer me!
    Sorry, for my bad English
    Good luck to you <3
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    'Brain fog' is a thing, many people report it as an effect of P addiction/overuse. And just about any addictive behaviour might cause problems with attention and drive.
    If you say you've noticed lack of motivation and focus since you started watching P that might be it.
    There is no set rule for how long will it take for you to get better, everyone is different. Might take a few days, might take a month, but abstinence will definitely help.

    You might also check / try a couple of things:
    - do you sleep enough and regularely? (getting enough sleep is CRUCIAL for your attention, memory and energy)
    - try setting reasonable goals and chunk them down into managable steps
    - use pomodoro technique if You have trouble motivating or focusing. It doesn't even have to be 25mins per session.
    - if Your problems are severe do a test to check if you have ADD.
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    Thank you for your help, I will do all of those, and the most important thing I should do is continuing the 90 days journey without porn.
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