Does semen retention cause prostate cancer or is this bogus info ?

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    You really, actually fear that might happen?.
  2. part 12
    Q: Do people develop urinary problems from celibacy?

    A: To the contrary, if one has urinary problems, celibacy will cure them. Purit y of the genitals keeps them very clean and away from many prevalent diseases th at can be passed through sex and masturbation. Rubbing action also stresses the penile skin and can cause appearance of herpes-like symptoms, among others. Fi nally, celibacy rests the prostate which is necessary for normal urination. The prostate is what clamps the urethra and it is a gland, not a muscle. It gets w orn-out by sexing - not strengthened. Conversely, not using it at all helps it maintain its normal function and greatly reduces risk of prostate problems such as inflammation and cancer.

    part 14

    The act of getting aroused and not having proper release causes great harm to the prostate and other organs. A Chinese doctor here was treating a saxophonist here in Nanjing for prostate trouble and he specifically warned against holding in your creative fluid after great arousal.
    His specific words were, "You might as well slam your prostate with a sledgehammer if you do that." Also, notice that the Arab world is free of prostate cancer, whereas White society is riddled w ith it. We pride ourselves on our freedoms and that women can walk around dresse d in almost nothing. But in fact just seeing women improperly dressed stimulates men, and without release harms the male system. Being celibate, we avoid both lustful thoughts and acts. None of us have ever, n or will we ever, have prostate problems. And considering that 85% of European an d White men die with prostate cancer in their body, that's quite an achievement.

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    why would a feminist want more rapist harassment and offenders lmao.. your on to something but I don't think it's feminist lol
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    It goes against all common sense.
    Men of the past ejaculated way way less than the modern man, with zero to little side effects.
    I know people who are celibate and they are very healthy and vibrant in their 70s and 80s....
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    it is so easy to see if that and agenda tbh and man getting weak and weaker by day porn, social media, gaming, tiktok, cigaretes, weed, alcohol

    from the stone age until medieval age man is strong, muscular they need to protect their family nowadays man wear lipstic and dancing in the app to get attention, overeating, run out their breath cause smoking, unable to attract female because we coom a lot
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  6. I think it should be the opposite. Masturbating frequently make the prostate have to work overtime to replace lost fluid. That can definitely cause cancer.
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    People love good news about bad habits. A few studies have shown that masturbation is correlated with lower cancer rates and journalists ran with the story. Studies showing no correlation or an adverse correlation are not going to get as many views. The evidence is lacking, which is why medical organizations do not advocate on the subject. There is no compelling reason, from what I can tell, that there is any meaningful correlation.
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    Prostate cancer is probably an effect of our unnatural habits, diets and excessive stress on the sex glands. Also fats accumulate in the sex organs because they are full of fatty tissues. If the fats are unhealthy, unnatural such as processed junk foods then damage may be done over time. Men get prostate cancer and women get breast and ovarian cancer.

    Also the prostate cancer may be due to excess stimulation beyond normal release with few opportunities for the body to recover. Some women seem to be trained to deplete the man's semen at every opportunity through fellatio, etc.. That may feel good, but is highly depleting for the man especially when normal sex is over.

    On the sexual stimulation being unhealthy without release--I'd just ask what state of arousal are we talking about? A guy ties up the balls with a rubber hose and the prostate is unable to release? That would be very unhealthy and quite perverse. However what could be called massage of the scrotum or genitalia without release, I don't see as unhealthy.
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    its just some rubbish to keep you confused and in bondage....

    that's how they say that masturbation is healthy and just take a look at how we on here are suffering....

    dont believe everything you see on the internet... shits seems controlled. Nowadays the internet is more likely to tell you that something BAD is good so be care what you read and believe.
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    it's dumb info

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