does sexual procreation is one of the quality of the angel? | Kingdom of God

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    Some of the doubts that i got during today`s class of Christianity

    why does only Jesus followers got privilege to take place over the kingdom of god.
    what are the similarities between kingdom of god and writings of Messiah

    What are the core principles had said in the concept of Come TO The World?

    Do we become or obtain quality of angels.
    when we abstain sexual procreation?

    New Testament, When second coming of jesus took place?
    and what what are the causes stated in the book?
  2. It was designed to convert pagans to Christianity. Church wanted to convert as many people as possible so they made this thing up to scare people into converting.

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    If you believe in the "christian" god, or at least believe in creationism, then by extension all living creatures are god's children, including us. In the bible (I hate quoting the bible as if it is some fact, but it is always important to consider) god said that humans were created in his image. We are all worthy of inheriting "gods kingdom." We shouldn't strive for angelic qualities like not procreating. If god meant for us to not have children why would he not only give us the ability to create more humans, but make it pleasurable for us as well? Of course he wanted us to reproduce. Would it not be an insult to god to go against his purpose for us? In the book of Genesis doesn't he say "Become many and populate the earth"?

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