Does stop PMO helps with "easy erections"?

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Do you think quit PMO leads to getting hard easier if not in a flatline?

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  1. Atila

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    For the past year I have being thinking that daily PMO lead me to "easy erections". My body was use to M to the minimum incitement. So I got erected and urge to PMO sometimes just by seing a prety girl on TV for example.

    But now I have start to think that stop PMO could not solve that problem. I uses to get erect because my body was use to masturbate on that situation, but maybe now I will get hard because my body is asking me to do some sexual activity due to not M.

    What are your thougths?
  2. You have to learn to control your compulsion (compulsion to masturbate).

    It's not because you have an erection that you need to masturbate. I've learned this recently. You can have an erection and just enjoy the feeling of your erection, without touching yourself or fantazising.

    Just acknowledge what is physically going on: you have an erection. You can focus on the sensation a bit. Then, let it pass, or focus on something else to let it go.

    You will feel good about yourself.
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