Does this count as a relapse?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Seeking_the_answers, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. Seeking_the_answers

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    I was searching on Google for information regarding the damages of PMO and other information on the addiction when Google gave me names of porn sites, which surprised me but now I'm worried if that counts as a relapse or if it affects my recovery
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  2. RavenGT

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    No, brother

    Intentionally looking is a relapse but not if it was an accident

    Say youre browsing a forum and someone spams porn and you see it and if you look away immediately its not a relapse. If you accidentally see it and then take the time to look it is a relapse though

    Same goes with hot girls on insta, youtube etc. If you go out of your way to look at girls for the sake of getting horny thats a relapse
  3. Loko24

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    no, this is not a relapse.
    but a porn blocker would be good if you delete instagram, facebook, snapchat ... that helped me a lot.
  4. Abel100%

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    Así es .... Hay q Buscar un equilibrio dónde no te sientas mal por tomarte con algo estimulante, imagínate sería estar fuera de este mundo, además la belleza de la mujer natural es parte de su atractivo para los hombres sin Morbosidad... En fin, sigue contando tu racha ....
  5. No relapse brother. It was unintentional :).
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  6. Spartan1998

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    No relapse but a little bit of trigger maybe, when you just don‘t care about triggers and let them go, it‘s perfect.
    But if you have a trigger and start to want more and more from it it would be very bad for your progress it would slow it immensely down.
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  7. capablex100

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    I don't think this counts but I agree it may help to install some filters to prevent that from happening again. You have identified a potential trigger which is good because now you can avoid it!

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