Does this have to do with NoFap?

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    For the last week, I have been feeling depressed and anxious. I am unable to think straight and I have anhedonia (an inability to experience pleasure).

    I make music on YouTube. It’s something I usually get pleasure from and enjoy doing and I haven’t been liking it much lately. All the music I love listening to as well doesn’t sound as good.

    I have this weird anxiety feeling in my stomach as well, Pressure in my head, and trouble focusing.

    I don’t know if it’s flatline because I still get aroused. I almost fapped a few times. I know for a fact the feeling is making me want to fap to feel pleasure somehow.

    Some times are better than others, but idk, the depression and anxiety for no reason are really what is bothering me and making me concerned. What do you guys think?
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  2. Cavemanman

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    Flatlines come in many different shapes and forms, this is most likely one of them. Tough it out bud, everything will be so much better soon.
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    It's your brain playing tricks on you. It's trying to build up a case against abstinence, so you sort of have to MO in order to "heal" from this abnormal state you believe you fell into.

    Switch off these feelings and work on finding something that keeps you busy and makes you happy. Sometimes you need to try different things, if your usual activity (music) does not seem to do the trick, try something different. Excercise for instance, find a book to read, try learning a language, something different as far removed as possible from the environment wher you'd retreat to PMO.

    Tell your inner self to stop it and keep going strong!
  4. Lion's Roar

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    Try this:

    This is Maha Karuna Dharani, it has a pure super natural power which able to help you recover from health problems due to masturbation.

    Chant it at least 5 times per day without any distraction. (Or 30~45 minutes per day)

    You MUST vow to abandon all PMO and sexual misconduct FOREVER. And make it clear that sex is just to bear childrens. Please abandon excessive desire of women.

    Do good deeds. Please get a healthy and sociable life. Help the people in your neighborhood or local area. Protect the environment and animals. Because according to the law of karma, you help others is you help yourself.

    Do all good things.
    Abandon all evil.

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