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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by mew2, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. mew2

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    So it's been about 3 weeks since I PMO'd. I would always PMO to domination porn. Now I'm able to masturbate without that genre of porn. I don't watch porn anymore. If I masturbate I'll fantasize about something tame and "vanilla", such as two women kissing. I no longer need the domination thing to get hard while masturbating. So in that sense I'm doing better, but...
    I recently started dating this girl I met and I really like her. Sometimes I'll have an erection while we make out/cuddle but sometimes I won't. Sometimes I'll have an erection but I'll have trouble sustaining it.

    Anybody have any insight? I no longer require the domination fetish to get an erection but I'm still having trouble. I want to have sex with my girlfriend but It's tough because when I'm with her my erections are inconsistent. I can only avoid sex for so long ya know. She's gonna want to have sex at some point and I'm afraid I'll lose her.
    P.S. I'm actually a virgin but I won't tell her that
  2. jazzphanatic

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    Hey mew2!
    I applaud you for your progress. I actually think that you should tell your girlfriend. If this is someone that you really like, after all you're planning to have sex with her at some point, then be honest with what you're going through. Her support may be exactly what you need to cure your minor predicament! The best of luck to you man!
  3. MattRN

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    You are progressing well. You need more time. Remember the progress you have had so far. Don't fall back.
  4. Limeaid

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    Erections are not like you see in porn. Men are not supposed to stay rock hard for an hour. A normal, healthy erection waxes and wanes during sex and arousal. For example you start kissing and cuddling and you get an erection and then it subsides. This is completely normal. Is this what you are experiencing? Many men think they are experiencing ED when they really aren't.

    Also how do you know she is going to want to have sex at some point? Has she said so? You may be thinking she wants it when she doesn't. Porn can make you think like this too.

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