Don’t move this thread, relevant to my reboot. Terrified of trying nasal spray

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    Hello everyone,

    When I used to fap it was because I was sick of being unable to breathe through my nose due to non-allergic rhinitis and the constant nasal congestion. Now I have a spray and I am terrified to use it for fear of side effects, but if it does work then I’ll be able to breathe through my nose again.

    Last time I tried a nasal spray called Flixonase a steroid spray I had an allergic reaction but it surprisingly worked but I am worried that I will get an allergic reaction to the new spray I want to try. The nasal spray the doctor gave me to try is called Atrovent Nasal Forte. It said it can cause difficulty breathing in the side effects so I am worried I might suffocate to death. Also blindness is a rare side effect.

    Also I am drowning in coursework and am 5 weeks behind in college, I used PMO to escape this reality too. How do I catch up if I have only 3 weeks until exams?
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  2. Dude... I am so in your shoes. I guess I've attracted your post here.
    I've had a stuffy nose for more than a year now and throughout this time I kept masturbating uncounciously. I got addicted to Olynth several times, xylometazoline or whatever that is called and hardly got rid of it. I couldn't breathe anymore 6 hours after using it. I was really close to a surgery appointment, which would've taken 5 minutes, non invasively, and I would have been great at breathing through my nose, but at that moment a great idea came through my mind: STOPPING PMO. 6 days in and slight changes in my nose. Don t fap and you'll be fixed.
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    I was having the same nose problems such as chronic - allergic rhinitis since I've met with PMO. If you stay away from PMO for a long period of time, the symptoms which disturb you will start to reduce and you will begin to heal.
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    Man don't use this shit, seriously. I had chronic rhinitis for 20 years and was prescribed these corticosteroids based sprays by my GP and ear-nose-and-throat doctor. I used them for years with mixed results until I luckily visited one nose doctor who advised me to stop using them because there were some new studies indicating that long term use of corticosteroids can lead to cancer. My father who had the same problem used them for 30 years and developed glioblastoma multiforma (brain tumor) and died. Now, I'm not saying tumor was caused by corticosteroids but it well could be. No one really knows for sure how taking steroids for very long period will effect a body. I battle my rhinitis with gluten free diet (no wheat), avoid drinking beer and red wine (high with histamin) and most importantly do vigorous aerobic outdoor exercise (running/walking and uphill cycling in a forest) for 1-2 hours a day. This routine cured my chronic rhinitis symptoms in just a few months. Which is a little miracle as I was unable to breath through my nose for 2 decades. Steroids didn't come even close to achieving that. Please try it. You can still go back to using steroids if this doesn't work.
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