Donald Trump is no longer the president!

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  2. Although I'd never vote for Donald, Biden doesn't appear to be a significant improvement by any means. I can't see him managing a classroom, much less a nation.

    The fact that the only cause you have to celebrate is the removal of Donald Trump shows just how low the standards have been set in American politics.

    But please, have fun.
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    Trump is no saint but get prepared for Biden magic tricks ...
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  4. SpaceUnicorn

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    Look mate, I know where your coming from. I give Biden 100 days before he authorizes a CIA coupe in a far distant country.

    However, at least the man hasn't stated that he would grab a woman by their private parts, or paid another woman hush money to not talk about their sex or been impeached twice or stood up for Nazis in South Carolina or supported the Proud Boys on national television or told a angry coward of individuals to storm the capital. I'm just saying the Donald Trump presidency was a train wreck.

    Although your right Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have four years and could easily botch their administration. However, I am hopeful that at the very least they try to get a handle on the COVID-19 pandemic and maybe they'll get rid of the Nazis again?
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    Sayonara Senior Trump. You won’t be missed.
  6. I have been very critical of Trump but I have to note that he's been brought to impeachment trails twice but has yet to be convicted. As for what happened on January 6th and his speech, I find it difficult to accuse him of inciting an insurrection for a couple of reasons:
    1. He told the crowd to peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard. This puts his use of word"fight" in the context of non-violence.
    2. A mob of people stormed the captiol before his speech was even finished, which can show the mob didn't care really about what he had to say that day.
    3. Senators the morning of the 6th received reports that something big could happen indicating that this riot was already premeditated. Not to mention evidence that rioters already had this planned.
    4. The impeachment trail currently going on has already shown the impeachment prosecutors contradicting their original charge that the one Jan 6th speech incited the riot by now claiming his past tweets from May 5th and onward are to blame, not just the one speech on the 6th.

    Also the accusation that he called neo nazis "good people" in Charlottesville has already been debunked. I find it ironic that the same left who will cancel culture conservatives for comparing things to nazis and the holocaust are somehow exempt from being canceled when they do it, but I digress. The truth is Trump has denounced white supremacists countless fact he's done it so many times you could make a pretty crazy drinking game out of the media clips.

    This video is especially good because it shows old footage of him BEFORE he was president condemning people like David Duke which goes to prove he held these stance before being in office.

    Another great video:

    But yeah, the grab the women by the pussy remark was vulgar and disgusting.

    As for his paying someone to hush up about their sex life, I cant speak much on that. I'm sure given the rest of the examples you provided, there is gray area in that matter as well. For example if he paid as part of a settlement then there is nothing wrong or illegal about that at all.
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  7. SpaceUnicorn

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    For the record. I am 100% on the side of Donald Trump 100% wanted a government coupe and amped up a bunch of people to storm the USA capitol. Also regrading Charlottesville's protest where white supremacists were not condoned is showing at least some partial support for the white supremacists. I am totally sure that Donald Trump is a modern day Nazi. I miss the old days when we were sure that Nazis were evil and should be banished from society. Times were easier then... well easier for those privileged enough to not be held back by the modes of oppression that have limited huge swaths of humanity for way to long.

    I'm done now.

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