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How many of you going to think how long I am going to last

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  1. So I relapsed the day was good I was not horny but it happened. I was curious to watch it and one thing lead to another and I relapsed. I feel nothing right now no hard feelings or any thing hope I won't do a full blown relapse if I do that then I will lose all my work.
  2. Day 1
    I feel bad for doing pmo when I reach 10 days. Today I watch p and no matter how hard I try to find right video but I couldn't find it. Because there is no right video anymore I have my head in right direction.
  3. Relapsed
    I was overconfident about about my resistance towards porn. I was watching p from morning and didn't fap but it got me. I shouldn't have throw my streak like that and shouldn't watch p but I did and I paid the price I shouldn't wait for days to pass but rather do something each day to pass I feel bad for doing it I could control it but I was wrong.i won't do it again my life again and IAM hitting gym next Monday.
  4. I relapse yesterday it happened because I want to do it I couldn't stop the feeling. I feel lost and forgotten by my own self one think I do realise I at start it promises to give you lots of wonderful things that makes you happy but when you touch it it's nothing but trash and before you know it you are covered in trash but the thing that haunts me the know the idea of perfect fapping like I always fall for the trap that I will find a sex movie watch it's couple of scene then decide to watch it or not then deciding to watch the flim and when the sex scene appears I will fap to it and it will give me satisfaction a moral reason to fap because I consider it as real thing I know that porn is staged and people in it acting in the porn won't behave similarly in real life so I know it's a lie but about flims I think that scene are real and I am attracted to them I should draw a line between me and fapping. Because some how I convince myself to do even though it going to make me feel miserable and pathetic. I should think rational ways and not support fapping every girl in those scenes are not real they play the part of a character and IAM fapping to it I should understand that porn means anything that is naked or gives you sexual feelings towards it is porn that the meaning of it. I really feel bad for doing a binge relapse I shouldn't have done it. All of the clean days gone to waste. I always put priority on binge that no matter what I shouldn't binge it take to the ground with me but unintentionally I made a loophole in my wall of giving me a crack . A crack of acceptance of one time fapping so I relapse Every time with only one fap and feel proud about not doing binge but I did destroy the foundation or the whole thing my doing it even once so from now on first priority is to never fap for even once no matter the cost.
  5. Relapsed
    I relapsed yesterday out of curiosity and small feeling I won't say it was a urge because it was no that bad but I feel bad for what I did. I don't feel a shame or anything but hated myself for doing it. It was a normal day for me and I just thought to watch some nude stuff to easyoff I never agreed to fap no matter what and if it get into my brain stop it I did and it started as not to fap and I reach my limit and then I come to a video to fap. For few months I used to relapse on mainstream sex I left porn videos for good but I believe it is softcore but it is porn after all. I think I always relapse like this for past month. I have to draw a line from now on and take it seriously. It will count as relapse if you touch yourself or watch nude or even try to search for it or visit the sites. Nothing is possible without disciple and patience.
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    Mate I read your journal. I just completed Day 7. I feel like shit. I am thinking about fapping from morning. But just am diverting myself from it by watching youtube talk shows etc., I am wasting time. I feel like I'll fap once and can go back to doing my work all the time. That's sad.

    As a person who is and am going through what you are going I would like to offer you a suggestion. Stop coming to this website too often to write that your day went well. Forget about this website, forget about PMO/anything remotely related to it.

    The key thing about brain is it can "truly" only do one thing at a time. So focus on your work. Only when/if you relapse come to this website update to change the day counter. You might even don't have to do that. Just forget about it and get busy with your life. You might may be after 10 days look back and wonder that you have go through 10 days. Just forget about this website.

    Actually I feel like relapsing, just trying really hard to get it out of my head. Not sure If I am gonna stay strong tomorrow
  7. Don't lose hope man. I like to tell you something. I know visiting this site and thinking about your day counter can lead you to relapse. By overthinking about nofap can irritate you . Like you, I was fed up with my relapses and made a decision not to visit this site. And it cost me months by not visiting this site or not writing about relapses. I was binging pmo and never care for nofap. The reason you come here is to stay connected to the idea of nofap. It works for me may not work for you but try.
  8. Have hope let's made a promise that you and me complete the 90 days one who relapse will lose up for the challenge. And feel free to write to me if you want to relapse but don't relapse.
  9. TakiTakiRumba

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    Yes man. I'll try not to relapse. Let's do this
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  10. Porn is just an excuse remember that. You are blaming porn for all your faliure. I think porn is not a issue here for my faliures . I will accept that it has its contribution that it affects me. I know that now . I won't be seeing any p stuff or anything and if I watch something I won't fap to it because it will only make it worse see the reality and don't waste your time chasing all those women. Those people don't even know you exist and watch them you are not even there. You simply connect them via internet so leave them they are not real. Sex helps in bonding it helps to build connection and you are not building connection with this women's you are like toad who jumps from female toad to another until you die. It's not end of the world if you are not having sex or you are virgin. Have dignity have self respect manners build a good character of yourself and know this don't expect anything from it you are the one who can change yourself no this challenge. So what matters the most is productivity. You don't need women to be happy. The walk ahead of you should complete in solitude.
  11. Well guilt is no longer present. I will normal again can do stuff which is good now need a routine to avoid relapses. And shouldn't get excited because it always end up in a relapse. I understand that now it is similar to rollercoaster that goes up and down even if you go up feeling good and excited it can lead you to relapse and even if you feel low and down you are going to relapse out is stress so I need to be balanced like claim water adjust myself to it make myself busy. I don't know want happens but after some days I feel like mastrubation and I know it is not normal and all those mainstream sex is porn which is useless so don't even think about fapping.
  12. Your title works...I had to press the link 3x times for it to load at last..
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    You should’ve putted an “I don’t care” answer as an option ‘cause nobody gives a fuck if you last 5 days, 10 days, 90 days or 1000 days! It’s YOUR fucking life, whether you’re gonna do NoFap or not is up to YOU!
  14. Relapsed confession
    I like to tell myself that relapsing after 14 days doesn't work. At start I was excited about doing it but after ejaculation I feel bad for loss of progress. Even I searched for perfect video to fap waited for right thing still I am not satisfied. I like to tell you that fapping won't satisfy you it just make you more and more excited. Know that you have learnt every trick to deal with pmo but the final step is to avoid pmo. If you are on nofap and you watched some nudity or sexual thing don't just run towards a relapse don't be so hard on yourself I is part of life and you cannot avoid it forever in life so learnt the final step which avoid relapsing so don't bother if you watched some nudity or sexual thing. It is better to not throw away your progress for perfect journey because some times we fall that doesn't mean you have to start from zero just move forward.

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    But glad to see that you have picked yourself up and didn't binge. Let's do it together. Let's plan to do it for 15 days first.
  16. Yes friend.lets make a promise that we will complete 15 days and go beyond. I will look up to you if I ever want to do fapping and you do the same if you want to do fapping. Let's make it a challenge between us who complete it first. Don't fall for urges let them fall before your discipline.
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  17. Women's are not objects of desire. They are human being. I need to understand that fapping to unknown women while watching porn gives me no satisfaction. Wasting hours on someone who don't even know me and I will never meet them is reality. Remember when you were on day 14 you had a clear mindset and you never wanted to fap but constant scratching of balls lead you to relapse .

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    Well both of us are on day 3. Let's take it from here and plan to stay on monk mode for another 12 days. In the interim I'll keep on posting on your journal. I am trying to acquire difficult set of skills and improve myself as a person while I'm on this journey. Never lose hope and Stay well always!
  19. I like to know your thoughts it will help me. So feel free to post your view's on this thread and let's complete this challenge together.
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  20. Well I relapsed yesterday and I wanted it because I started my streak on binge so I thought to release all those urges and wanted to start again without binging.
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