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How many of you going to think how long I am going to last

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  1. 10 days

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  2. 5 days

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    NICEDUDE Fapstronaut

    Don't lose heart if you have kept on binging. Gather your thoughts and try to find out why exactly you want to do this on monk mode. While we are on this journey we must be enthusiastic and motivated. Start praying for at times in life we require divine intervention to strengthen our will force. Meanwhile on day 5 i had an urge that lasted for few hours. I just observed and did not act upon it. At times I start lifting weights to control my primal urges. We must abstain from pmo for 15 days, come what may! No one has ever died because of sexual urges!
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  2. Thanks for supporting me we will complete this challenge.
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  3. So I did it I gave my streak for pmo but let me tell its not worth it it only give mere seconds of enjoy but after that you realise that what you have done. It been 3 year you are try to quit pmo so make a choice not an option.
  4. Day 0
    Don't know what to do. How many years you are doing this nofap and still unable to leave it. I think it is enough to say that you are severely addicted to porn. It's been 7 years now and still the desire to fap is not fulfilled. It is a blow with a big hole which is going to throw away all your efforts towards porn no matter how much you want to fulfill it. The more you pour the more it will demand form you. So stop it. If you can't do it now you will never able to do it. I know it will be hard but not impossible. Stay true towards the path and you will reach to the destination. Remember your life as of now is rated at -1 but after this challenge it will be 0. And then you can start new ways of living your life. Remember how many times you relapsed. It's not women stop looking at them as object all problems lies with your brain. Do 15 min meditation and during it think opposite porn clean you mind from all the thoughts.
  5. DeathRaptor

    DeathRaptor Fapstronaut

    Just don’t give up. I started 3 years ago trying to do it on my own. Relapsing about every three days. About a week ago something clicked for me. A few different things fell into place, and I was able to make a commitment in my mind that I was finally going to quit for good. There were some roadblocks in the way that finally got dissolved—some by me, some by luck. I’ve been there, feeling like it’s something that will never end. But when it clicks, it clicks. I can’t describe the feeling, but this time feels 100% different. I know I will not fail. You can get there if you don’t give up. Over the last three years I’ve learned so much. So many techniques like mindfulness meditation, learning about addiction, fear of failure (my personal demon), and so on. We all have our reasons for getting addicted. It’s a way to fill your time and avoid pain in the most general sense. Keep learning and moving forward and DO NOT beat yourself up for relapsing. That will only make it worse.
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  6. Day 1
    First step towards victory. Feeling good no more urges. I think if I ignore the thought of pmo then I can do it. The small things such as watching something or touching yourself makes you do pmo. So don't touch yourself or watching anything and you will be fine.
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  7. Confessions
    Yesterday I was watching YouTube come to some explicit scenes and from there I decided to just watch some porn but no fapping. I opened the porn site try to watch some good stuff but I couldn't find any interesting I spend half an hour surging videos and then I left the sites put my mobile down gone to sleep. I made a terrible mistake of visiting sites now I know how close I was to relapse. I now understand when you want to only see some porn and not to fapp but you slowly move to a point where it is impossible to come back without fapping.
  8. Why I am doing nofap ?

    1. Social issues- I am suffering from social anxiety. I don't have friends. I don't hang out anywhere with or without friend. For last five years I stayed at home never gone out. Sometimes I have gone outside to visit family members on their birthdays or events. I am shy to talk with stranger and avoid them at all cost. I don't feel the need of finding new people or be friends with them. I have no social life. I am not socially active on anything. I haven't seen my face or cared to take a picture of myself. For past years I have avoided to stay out of home and whenever I am out I make sure to come home as soon as possible.

    2. Bad personality -
    I consider myself a mediocre. I am not ugly or bad. But my personality is not good compared to most people. I never developed any traits. I don't feel that I need to impress anyone or attract others. I have a worst hairstyle and I don't want to get a haircut because I fucked up my hairline so I let my worst hairstyle. For past 21 years I haven't changed my hairstyle. I wear clothes which are branded but they won't suit me. I don't know how to talk properly in a flow. So people judge me on how I carry myself and because of fapping I don't give a fuck about their opinion on me. So I need this to build up my personality.

    3. Cowardly behaviour-
    I have a complicated behaviour. I am like that loud mouth person who say all tough talk but when facing with any problems he will try to take a easy route rather than solving it. I always try to avoid any problems. I always blame the situation and never try to face problems. I always make sure that I never go through any difficulty in my life. I always run away. I am not a reliable person, someone cannot trust me. I always avoid fighting and I am taking about verbal fight. I always let others walk over me. I do get angry but I do nothing. So I need this challenge to be a lion.
  9. Only Reason I haven't completed this challenge because of following things.
    1. Constant touching or scratching my balls.
    2. Overthinking about nofap and how many days I have completed.
    3. Watching some softcore porn/scenes/pictures.
    4. Always thinking about girls.
  10. bigboibez

    bigboibez Fapstronaut

    unbelievably excellent advice. I can relate in every way. I have not had that feeling of absolute guaranteed success because to say that causes me too much anxiety from fear of failure. however I know that however im feeling is only going to get better and relapsing is the absolute worst thing I could do. I am gonna take it day by day and fill my time.
  11. bigboibez

    bigboibez Fapstronaut

    You're not busy enough man.

    Start the following


    don't keep your phone or laptop in your room (in general, not just for PMO but also for productivity reasons)

    You know those days where youre just so busy you never even think about porn or even care? that's how your life needs to be. I tried and tried with a complacent lifestyle but you end up going round and round in a mental prison.

    You also need to get it into your head that ANYTHING to do with PMO is just going to stop your recovery. This includes erotic literature, searching for stuff on google but not actually going on the site, looking at your favourite stars on Instagram, searching erotic stuff on youtube. Ultimately you need to ask yourself why are you doing this? what is even the point if you're just going to do half measures that will ultimately lead you back to relapse? It takes a lot of courage and emotional work to make it clear in your mind that porn is actually a negative. lots of people know this logically but they simply can't actually believe it.

    Finally don't worry too much about nofap. as I said earlier it is much easier to forget about it all and fill your life with things you enjoy. ironically the less you care and think about it, the easier it'll be. I wish you luck
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