Don't get lured into (identity) politics

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    Guys, I see this happen so often. Nobody is 100% immune to it and a lot of it happens without concious realization.
    Just to be clear, this is neither about being a leftie or right wing. I do not care what politics you like or dislike. This isn't about policies but awareness and self-care.

    So many people become radicalized with their politics through social media, forums, youtube, twitter whatever. For some, even reading the newspaper becomes harmful.

    I know quite some people who spend so much time and energy on politics and political advocating even though it's destroying them, they gain nothing from it, other than more negative feelings, hatred, fear frustration, you name it.

    So many of us are inside of information-bubbles that are affirming our worldviews and leave no other chance but to become radicalized in our thinking.

    As a example, I could watch 20 youtube videos with white guys beating up black guys and think damn, those sick white peope. Or 20 videos about black people beating up white people and how bad they are. Same goes for asians and all other ethnicities.

    I could watch wage gap videos, or read news paper articles about how many this and how many that and become the most fervent feminist.

    I could listen men's right's podcasts all day and become a hardcore men's right's activist.

    The thing is guys, all this information is on the internet.

    You will find all and any kind of information on the internet. At this point it doesn't even matter anymore if some of them are fake or not. You have no way of always verifying the truth to the content ingested.

    I see so many people who will deliberately watch political videos that make them mad or watch "cringe and owning xxxx" videos for hours on end.

    Fact is, you gain nothing from this. You gain nothing for doing this. There are people who get paid money for being politically active. But chances are you do not.
    You are simply wasting your time, energy and postive outlook for life by surrounding yourself with things that make you obsessive about politics.

    I have had to cut aquaintances and friends out of my life because they only were able to talk about politics at some point. They always were agressive about it, on the lookout for ideological enemies and overall just miserable. you saw it in their eyes.

    Your way of thinking is such a decisive tool in managing a happy outcome in life. Do not allow yourself to become instrumentalized for someone's ideals.
    Even if their ideals are good and desireable in your eyes. Voting has to be enough if you don't personally benefit from doing more.

    Concentrate on your education, get into your hobbies, be grounded and manage to secure a happy everyday life.
    Politics should be low on your priority list if they don't directly threaten you, and even if they do, chances are nothing much will change even if you put your whole existence into discussing politics online and overloading yourself with self-affirmative information and happenings around the world.
    You should take politics seriously but you also should get your priorities straight.
    If talking about politics is the first topic you will land at, chances are, your life isn't all that exciting.
    Politics are an inherently negative topic. People will feel uncomfortable about it and the more you talk about it the more you will alienate people from you. No matter whether it's your lover, friends or family.

    Don't be that person. If you are already too far into the rabbit hole, try to detox from politics asap. Don't read the newspaper. Don't watch political (youtube) videos. Unsubscribe from political youtubers and do some self care.
    Fight your own wars first and foremost. After you are done with that and have your own life completely straight, be my guest, and engage moderately in politics again.
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    Real men realize drama is created by those seeking an advantage to further their own agenda (usually financially), and said drama is perpetuated by losers who only consume (they're merely energy transfers). This goes for useless modern twitter feminists, men rights activists, politics, etc.

    Any form of politics doesn't adhere to logical reasoning, as logic alone loses the battle against someone who appeals to emotions and uses other tactics through mob mentality. Simply put, unless you're actively doing something to change the political causes you perpetuate into the herd, you're likely a mindless consumer, a loser who's an energy transfer at best.

    Focus your life on creating (producing) rather than consuming.

    Otherwise, you're a loser.
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