Don't hate Women - Let's change the world

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    Really! Do you hate women? if yes,
    Common guys! Our sisters and mother also women. We have to respect women whether they are good or bad. This world is not heaven where we can get all perfect things. In each person there is some pros and cons. If we really love the person, we can't see any bad in him/her. It's all about our thinkings. The important thing for men is, we have to financially stable so that we can give security to our family and we can guide them in perfect direction. We men are leaders. Not only our Families depend on us but also Our responsibility is to help poor people, beggers etc. PORN main target is men. If one man is destroying his life in any addiction then his family will be destroyed automatically. It's devil trap. We are in emergency mode, we have to save ourself and then our family from this drug.
    Actually! we have to save this world.
    This time I'm so much conscious about my streak. I want to come out from filthy illusions. Help me in my noFap journey. I'm afraid i don't want to return to that filthy world and sex with my PC or mobile devices :)
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    That's a very lucid statement man. We men are leaders and have to take responsibility. You have my support in this battle!
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