Don't Kick Yourself In The Groin

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by chinchilla808, Aug 24, 2014.

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    PMO saps (sapped?) my manliness, confidence, and happiness. For a short amount of time nothing else in the world matters except for whatever fornication is taking place on the screen, and all the dopamine coursing throughout your brain feels terrific.

    BUT the price one pays for such short cheap pleasure is not worth it. Anxiety, the devaluation of women, floored confidence, trouble focusing, disinterest with life outside of PMO, laziness, apathy, and (for some) guilt can absolutely cripplesomeone and reduce the individual to an empty shell of what they could potentially become. Why handicap yourself? Life is tough already as it is. Be the strongest version of yourself, why settle for less?

    Don't make life suck just to cheaply fulfill lust, it'll hurt in the long run. Don't handicap yourself. Don't kick yourself in the groin.

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