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    This was one of my greatest mental breakthroughs in my opinions.
    I always feel somewhat uncomfterable with women, like i'm constantly trying to impress them, thinking what to say.
    Yesterday, at new year's party, we were at a friend's place, just hanging out, makeing some food, there were obviously drinks and stuff, he invited alot of people.
    I feel that this evening which was already yesterday for me, its 1PM now, was like a personal rock concert, what i mean to say was i felt so good, so natural with myself, it's like all my inner inhibitions just disappeared!
    I couldn't care less what the girls think about me, i mean, i did want them to like me, but it was not my holy grail like before, i spoke really natural with them, i was so witty, so playful, i actually made every one of them laugh (might had to do with them drinking...).
    Nevertheless, i felt like i could say anything i want, i made some spicy sexual puns and stuff and i think they really appreciate a guy whos not afraid to talk about sexuality with them.
    You might think to yourself: ''what does he get himself all worked up for? no big deal''.
    But to me it was something i wished for a very, very long time.
    I had about 3-4 girls all over me the evening, touching me constantly, now, i won't credit their alcohol for that, because i've been at parties before... and the way i used to be, i wasn't touched and communicated even by girls who drank.
    With all the lows i feel lately this was one of the all time natural highs i have ever felt.
    Might i add, i was not drinking, i don't smoke weed or cigarettes, all naturaly and no ''boosters''.
    one of the girls actually asked me why i don't drink, i told her that it's because i don't need it to fell good with myself, i don't need a tool to open up, i did it all by myself!
    now, it got to a very late hour, i woke up early that day, and the night before i didn't get much sleep, so the tiredness might have help with removing inhibitions.
    now after i wake up i still recall that natural high, and i don't know if that was now the new me, if you understand what i'm saying, it's something that happens to me sometimes.
    I think it's just something i longed for a long time... some female attention and affection...
    Just having cuddle me or just put their hand on my legs gives me such a natural high, and it's not even horniness of wanting to fuck them, touch feel very rewarding, i am quite touchy with my friends even, because it feel good haha, actuall human emotion.
    I hope that this wasn't a one time deal, anyway.
    I hope to continue with this path.
    Yesterday i was only on day 2 NF.
    This quite reinforced my belief that gaining long streaks isn't the cure for all my problems.

    TL;DR: i had a natural high at a new years eve party, getting female attention and affection all over the place, having no inhibitions and being very openly sexual, like casually offering a threesome to two good looking girls, with good context, of course...
    Make them crack up and feel somewhat shy but in a cute way, maybe they wanted to? ;)
    finally feeling female attention and touch, feeling wanted by females, hit me on a spot i was wanting for a loooooong time....

    I'd actually love to hear what you think, if you have insights on how i changed that rapidly, hopefully not just for that one night.
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  2. If you want to be successful in dealing with women, there is a law
    " never watch porn, and don't don't masturbate"

    If you follow this law then you will be a successful man in dealing with women.
    I am also happy for you friend. Stay strong.
  3. Hold the Line

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    I think it's important to abstain from porn, but it's even more important to make a transition in your thinking pattern, having a 104 day streak in the past made me understand that, i felt the same person in that 104 day, and when the urge came, i relapsed.
  4. hollyman

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    have some experience like these lately, i talk with my woman coworker for 1 hour just two of us and i walked her home

    Its so good its feels like something that missing a long time ago, she isnt single, fine lady ofc im not trying to impress her nor to make her liked me just me being my self talked abbout life no bullshit no fake ass, just being me
  5. Once that pathway of porn addiction is formed its permanent bro. Only thing we can do is form an another pathway and make this pathway feel less important. That's the only way. Once an addict is always an addict.
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    This is great, but I have a question: how tall are you and where would you rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10?
  7. seanc

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    Good deal bro!
  8. Hold the Line

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    I am 186 cm tall
    1 to 10 on what scale? If its self confidence i would give myself a solid 8 for that night.
    But that number changes in day to day
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    Great job OP. Nice to hear you doing good and the things u describe - being able to have nice meaningfull convo etc, thats it for me as well. It something I was not able to do when I was deep in my addiction. Now its almost normal (Im few years free)

    Ive noticed question on your height. Im 195cm... when I was on PMO, my small friend who is like 160cm but has VERY high self consciousness eventho he faps all the time - so he got all the girls and I had zero. No chance to score a girl if he was there as well.. so height is nothing. Really. And the looks... really not that important. If u have the right mindset, it will get u almost any girl, no matter how u look. U just should be CLEAN.

    Its us MEN who judge girls by looks a lot. They on the other hand, judge us by other qualities A LOT. If u have those, u can look like what ever.
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