Dont know what to do with my life

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by RamboErecto, May 26, 2019.

  1. RamboErecto

    RamboErecto Fapstronaut

    So, im a 30 y/o who dont do shit in life.

    I have my own house, my own car, my own job (I work for myself. I have the posibility to make money without work for anybody)

    My life is quite perfect. I have my parents together so i dont have any affective issues. I have lot of friends.

    Obviously i have lot of troubles making relations with girls for do exesive masturbation all my life. But as im in NoFap im already working on it.

    But something isnt ok. I just have no willpower, im in the computer all day, im bored most of the time. I dont clean my house, I work every time less. I dont exercise, i dont eat healty, is almost like i dont love myself and i dont know what to do.
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  2. properWood

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    Do you have any plans for the near future? Do you, sort of, picture yourself how you would be like in, say, 2 years?

    You mention you have a lot of friends, but close friends or are they simply acquaintances? Are you having dinners with them at your place or their places or just hang out? What are the common topics?

    Do you feel connected to people around you? Do you get to share your feelings with someone or does someone else share their feelings with you?

    I'm asking this because what you describe is more or less depression.
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  3. DaveyCrockett

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    Hey, why don't we trade lives for a little while and at the end of it all, I can tell you what to do with your life based on all of the awesome stuff that you've got going for you, eh?

    In all seriousness, though, I am in the same boat as you. Here's a bit of advice I heard yesterday that I am going to try out later on tonight: write your own obituary.

    Apparently, somehow writing your own obituary makes you all of a sudden realize your purpose in life. I found out about it in a YouTube video yesterday.

  4. RamboErecto

    RamboErecto Fapstronaut

    The thing is, I dont apreciate life. I have a big house, warm water, a nice bed, a really expensive pc, a nice cat, etc. Seriously, i have all my shit together.

    But im really really lazy, so i dont clean my house, i dont go outside, i dont exercise, just tell me why
  5. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    To me it seems you have everything solved and now there is nothing left to do, therefore apathy strikes. I was in the other side of the spectrum a moment ago, nothing worked for me so I just didn't feel like doing anything. Just look for a hobby.
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  6. RamboErecto

    RamboErecto Fapstronaut

    The only thing that I cannot solve is the lonely

    It was pretty much the focus of all my depressions in my life.

    Reaching the 30 years of age, I already learned to be alone. But it is still hard to me.
    I do not do much problem for this at this point, I have overcome it a long time ago, but still lonely.
    Is just not the time, I must go forward.

    NoFap is helping me a lot by now. I guess that Porn do a lot of damage to me, but oh well
    at least i realized that i can fix it.

    Thank you for the support friends
  7. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    Why not get a pet? Much better if it moves a lot and needs of your care. You wouldn't feel so lonely.
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  8. FollowYourBeard

    FollowYourBeard Fapstronaut

    Find some responsibility, that would make your life meaningful. Join some charity or NGO's, or just find a cause that is important for you. I'd say taking responsibility makes life worth living.
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  9. RamboErecto

    RamboErecto Fapstronaut

    Take responsability is what I should do
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  10. What you need to do is to come out of your comfort zone.
    Go somewhere camping in the jungle with friends/ join a sport / start meditation.
    Do whatever pushes you.
    Everyone thinks that meditating is easy, but to sit at one place with your mind focused is very difficult for even a few minutes.
    More power to you
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  11. " It is only you who needs to struggle, face defeats and go through worse moments if you want to be happy in life. Life is not all flowers and butterflies, it's actually very harsh. But you just can't simply give up, you have good days waiting for you. Go and chase your goal, in the end it won't matter if you achieved it or not, but you will have satisfaction that at least you tried your best"
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  12. Informius

    Informius Fapstronaut

    My opinion: you have to stop gaming. I know this might sound unreasonable, as you and maybe your circle of friends are all into gaming and don't see a problem with it...

    But gaming is utterly meaningless. It will destroy all purpose if you do it too much.

    Every other activity besides gaming will become less interesting to you and as a result they become meaningless. And gaming can't give you that higher meaning.

    Try to notice how you feel after you finish your next gaming session. Is there a thrive left in you, is there motivation for something else?
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  13. @RamboErecto Do you have a religious background?

    Good call!
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  14. Asgardian36

    Asgardian36 Fapstronaut

    hey man! I feel the same....I feel so helpless because there's so much that isn't going right that I just don't feel motivated to stand up to life and do my best.

    But we have to do it eventually. We know what we are capable of.
  15. hitnmis

    hitnmis Fapstronaut

    sorry to hear of your struggles
    check out this post.
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