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    Okay so 3 weeks ago I had consensual sex for the first time since around the beginning of my reboot. I did find a partner at the beginning of my reboot as well and we hooked up twice and after the second time I stopped talking to her.

    Anyway this new girl is real sweet and kind and a better person than me. Well that last part is up for debate. We only had sex that one night three weeks ago and we still talk and have hung out since but it has not led to the bedroom. We have not talked about the sex at all.

    It might be due to work schedules OR it might be due to maybe she wasn't all that impressed 3 weeks ago? It's weeird she still likes me I think bc she calls and texts me back but i just feel like the experience was underwhelming for her and for me it was par for course meaning I didn't last long I rushed and by the end I probably was just wanting some space. She's still very nice to me and to be frank a good distraction from my situation at work where the girl I work with whom I liked is lurking daily. The girl I work with is somewhat on my mind still and it really pisses me off. I want to just tell her off and tell her to get out of my head.

    The girl I had sex with is great but shes super tall and I'm only human it makes me a little insecure. I don't show it when I'm with her but on Friday when I briefly saw her she had on some heels and her girl friends were with...the whole situation made me not want to hold her hand or show affection like at all. This week her parents are in town so I probably won't see her at all. She doesn't want to intro me as the guy shes dating which is fine. I have no issues with that. What i have an issue with is how to get her back in the sack? Iven been successful with girls so I've never had sex like multiple times in a week. I want to experience that. Idk if I should buy her something, maybe bring up the sex....I'm really scared to talk about sex over the phone. I can see myself talk about it in person with her (after a few drinks) but over the phone is scary to think about bc I want to be able to read her face and body language when I speak my truth (super inexperienced, no relationship in my 35 yrs to speak of etc).

    I kind of want to talk to my coworker about this. Because even though we liked each other and she's in my head I always confided in her and think that she can help me out and that maybe this the way we can just be normal friends by opening up a little about our personal lives with the opposite sex. But then I think about it again and wonder if I want to tell her this to make her jealous and here we are her being all in my head again . So that options not there. I really want her out of my head for good and when I speak to the girl I am dating she is out of my head.

    I also have a suspicion that the girl I'm dating is trying to move on from a past relationship too. Maybe we are using each other for the same reason? I don't like saying I'm using her but it's a part of it and something I have to be real about..another part of it is to try and grow into loving or really caring for someone. When I talk to her it's about the ladder when I think of sex it's the former.

    Hoping all this makes a little sense...any advice would be great thank you .

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