Don't think I've lived fully without a woman

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by fapequalsdeath, May 17, 2020.

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    and it kills me... all those years, all those missed opportunities... Ahhh. 24 years now, no kiss no sex no nothing it really gets to me. I really think this is not normal. It really isn't, no way it is there is something with me I think I'm damaged emotionally and can't get a woman. Feels horrible. Any guys who were late virgins care to share how they got out of it?
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    What makes you think it's only on your side though, that you just need to "get one"?

    My first thought in seeing your thread is it depends on the woman. A lot of women are seriously screwed up psychologically, maybe it's also related to sex like abuse and whatnot but then it doesn't make it only the guys fault or anyones fault. Anyone who has been paying attention may notice that's an issue that's really pervasive, and guess what - that will fuck you up too. And they can always play the victim card because they in fact were, but that of course doesn't change the fact that they may be relating in a screwed up way and not able to connect - which likely isn't the only reason too but certainly a more serious one.

    And no, it doesn't have to come from sexual abuse either. AND it isn't just about the man's side and the woman's side, there's a whole fucked up social context, or lack of one especially now.

    All I can tell you is, there are some women you might fall for, and they look attractive at the time - but in retrospect you can DEFINITELY say I need that experience like I need a hole in the head. It may not be their fault (I do wonder sometimes if some are CAPABLE of responsibility and accountability) but there IS a dysfunction.
  3. fapequalsdeath

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    Yeah, I guess i feel a little bit better after I've slept on this. But still the underlying need to have connection and intimacy with the opposite sex is there. Really hope things will get better in the future.
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    if you feel that something is wrong with you, that is going to be shown when you interact with women. Get your life together, work hard to achive your best version as a man and then start dating girls again. Woman are going to feel that you are happy and confident in your own skin and that is really attractive to them.
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    I’m 26 and I’m still virgin, tho I had a chance but I abstained myself that time, and yeah I have kissed 2/3 girls.
  6. The problem isn't that you haven't had any relationships with girls. The problem is what you think of yourself. Until you can really love yourself for who you are, you can't have love and sex with girls.

    I lost my virginity when I was 20. I considered myself a loser, too. I decided to approach attractive girls in my everyday life. It changed my life. I think every guy should take responsibility for what he wants and go talk to girls he likes. Even if it's really scary i owe you that.

    If you let chance decide for you, you won't fully love girls for who they are, but rather the image you want to project. You will have this lack of self-esteem all the time and you will stay in a relationship with girls simply because you are afraid of being alone again. You will become attached to girls who are not even worth it. And you will end up unhappy or in a "pseudo" happiness that you have built up to protect yourself.

    How many girls have you talked to this year? Ask yourself this question. You'll get the answer you're looking for. Things don't just happen.

    Don't let chance decide for you what you really want in your life. You are better than that :)

  7. I'm a 21 year old virgin and I don't really see a problem with it. Then again, I don't describe myself as having a lack of ability to attract women. I hope this isn't bannable, but maybe you should see an escort (After COVID obviously). If you know who personalityinkwell is, maybe consider striking up a convo with him.
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    Jordan Peterson really helped me, is YouTube him

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