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    I am a 27 year old male who has been addicted to pornography for the last 12 years. It pains me so much that this addiction has become way more compulsive than it was. Unfortunately now I do it even though I sometimes hate it.

    However, this was not what prompted me to do post this threat. In the last two weeks I had a trip where I got to meet my long distance Girlfriend. The first day I met her she told me she wanted to breakup with me. Obviously this has hurt me so much. But to be fair, I was not the best boyfriend. Thus I am more angry at myself than at her.

    During this trip I had time to reflect on myself. I realized that I was depressed for the last 7 or 8 months and I was not even aware of it. Here I will be discussing a journey that I hope I succeed at. I will commit my self to the following:

    1- No Pornography, No Masturbation, No Orgasm for the next 90 days.
    2- No Social Media (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok)
    3- I will Exercise everyday for the next 90 days. In order to prevent any excuses, a workout session can be as short as 20 minutes.
    4- Eat Healthy for the next 90 days (an exception will be made during vacation)
    5- I will log my progress every morning and every night so I keep myself grounded and focused on the mission.​

    In my progress log, I will make sure that I post information of why it is important to commit to all the above as well as adjust the plan as I improve. Wish me luck guys. I will see you tomorrow morning!
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    Thanks my mate!

    I would like to note the following towards my progress:

    The first day and I relapsed. This proves how difficult it is to quit PMO. I think it is even harder than quitting smoking or drinking alcohol. In order to not relapse again, I will institute a new rule which is I shall never bring my phone with me to the bedroom.

    I am really really tired and just want for this to end once and for all.
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    You must have something to switch on when you start thinking about P. Go outside and have a walk, get on bicycle maybe, read a gospel (Im orthodox so i readed New Testament), etc. BE STRONG MAN, YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Light be with you :emoji_call_me:
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    The comment above from @Dmitry Strong is so right!

    You must have a strategy of what to do when you have an urge - it doesn’t matter what it is but when ever you want to PMO - do something else!! DONT sit there thinking about it!

    One word of advice on your plan - and I’m no expert. I’m in my 50s and recently hired a personal trainer to improve my fitness. One thing I’ve learnt is you MUST have rest days. My PT says at least two a week! May sound silly… but you need to be in a good state to kick PMO so don’t get the fitness side wrong and make it more difficult for yourself!

    good luck and stay strong!
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