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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Les_Brown, Sep 24, 2020.

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    My addiction is not just to PMO; rather, I am a dopamine addict. As a student, much of my day is spent studying on the computer, but I notice myself watching YouTube nearly all day (gaming videos, compilation videos, TikToks, pranks, etc), simply skipping between videos and chasing dopamine similar to how I use porn. This leaves me feeling empty, lonely, anxious, and stressed, yet I repeat this every day and it has affected my academic performance.

    For others suffering with an dopamine addiction that perhaps manifests through internet dependence, how do you manage this, especially if you rely on internet for your studies or work obligations? Any success strategies or advice is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Facing same problems
  3. Hey.
    My method might seem to be too harsh for you, but whatever. I simply threw out my phone, that's that. Distance yourself from PC for some days, just learn to be away from it. Learn how is it.
    While you're spending a lots of time sitting by pc, you won't really learn how to use it with limitiations, it's not that easy. Just distance yourself from it for some time. If you have a free week in future, then use it. Go out, read books, run, go to gym - whatever, just distance yourself from PC and be happy afterwards when you see results.
    I used to be badly addicted to PC, but now it's not like it. I really can leave it anytime, cause I have learned how it is to live without it for longer periods of time.
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    You know, I sometimes find myself doing something similar, and I sometimes come across triggering images, even in the newsfeed on my phone. I am part of a book-club, and so I have the e-book version always open and ready for me to read if I need a break from work for a bit. It's wholesome, predictably trigger-free, and interesting. I agree that trying to get away from your devices might be helpful for a bit, too, but I know that we usually are required by our circumstances to use them somewhat.
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    I would challenge the idea of a dopamine addict. We all like how it feels to get dopamine. It is meant to bring pleasure. The fact that you want to do it all the time doesn't indicate that there is an addiction with dopamine, it indicates that you lack self-discipline. If you have 132 free of PMO but are still wasting time all day on the computer you likely aren't really seeing the adverse effects of your decisions. People do what they WANT to do. Self-discipline is setting aside what I want for what is necessary. Believing you are a dopamine addict can potentially allow you to justify its use.

    I suggest coming to terms with the fact that you just like to watch YouTube and play games. Most of us also like those things. Have you seriously considered the repercussions of not having self-control enough to stop? Maybe you have. If you haven't I would write down the negative effects of such a lifestyle. As a student it is easy to waste time and stay caught up on some level. As an employee it will be much harder, and it is dishonest. As a husband or father it will damage your relationships.

    My opinion is that this is largely a battle in your mind. You need to change how you think about your time. Time is currency. You have a finite amount. How are you going to spend it today? Are you going to give it away to YouTubers and games? Or are you going to invest in yourself? How you spend your currency today will have a direct correlation with the success you achieve in your life. I don't mean money. I mean self-respect. Spend your time on yourself. Don't give it away.

    Also, wasting time on YouTube is like asking for temptation to PMO. For that reason alone you should make a commitment to stay off YouTube for a prescribed period of time.

    One more idea. The idea of habit stacking comes from James Clear's book Atomic Habits. Its a great book, you should read it. If you are trying to develop good habits tie the good habit to an existing habit. Let's say you check ESPN everyday. If you want to get into the habit of doing 1 hour of homework do not allow yourself to check ESPN until you have completed 1 hour of homework. Make a negative consequence for yourself if you fail to live up to your standard.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
  6. Get away from the thing that you want to be away from. r/nosurf

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