Dopamine modulates reward experiences elicited by music

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    Source: University of Barcelona

    "A new study reveals a causal link between dopamine and human reward response to music listening. Researchers pharmacologically manipulated dopaminergic transmission of 27 participants while listening to music and showed causal link between dopamine and pleasure. While levodopa increased hedonic experience and motivation, risperidone led to a reduction of both. These results shed light on neurobiology and neurochemistry underpinning reward responses, contributing to an open debate on human pleasures."


    OMFG I LISTEN TO MUSIC A LOT. I already quit drink coffee, alchool, weed, and now music???? Im totally lost...............................................
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    I think this is true ,because i got so motivated when i listen to music
    And songs get boring with time same as porn videos if you watch same one many times
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    It's bullshit. Music can't harm your dopamine levels, unless you keep bombarding your dopamine receptors with porn of course you'll feel like music is numb to you (that's how I feel now).

    Anyone who is starving of music themselves is a cuck whose taking it too far.
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    I think you are looking too far into things that are entirely unrelated to the reboot. Keep in mind, almost everything we do releases dopamine. Watching a sunset releases dopamine, should you avoid that? Eating does too, should we starve? What about walking? What about reading? All these things release dopamine.

    Do they all effect a PMO addiction? I would guess no. Do everything in moderation and you will recover just fine :)
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    You're right, I just need to chill and keep going
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