Dopamine receptors can be healed?

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  1. RamboErecto

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    I mean, when you do PMO you are frying it, do you think they can be healed doing NoFap?
  2. StayIn

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    yes, masturbating is essentially taking away the most important thing out of your body. It's just the fact that in western society, it's not commonly known that overmasturbation could potentially kill you.
  3. Dr_prof

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    yes they can. Brain receptors respond to the excessive (or depletion) of hormones by decreasing (or increasing) the number of receptors. Excessive dopamine causes the number of dopamine receptors to down regulate in response, thus we get addicted. The lack of receptors means we need more dopamine to feel normal, thus the addiction.

    Over 3 weeks the number of receptors changes once we stop PMO. Once they have up regulated after 3 weeks you have broken that cycle of addiction.

    My psychologist also pointed out that our pathways with porn become like superhighways, over stimulated, with excessive use.

    Over time these pathways revert back to much weaker ones after stopping PMO. So we can recover. Hold on in there.
  4. Gavalar09

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    So dopamine can heal?
    Your receptors dont die off?
    So there is a chance of a full recovery from this?
    I don't want to lose my girlfriend over my pied
  5. Daniel S.

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    Yes, you can fix the problem. The issue with masturbation and orgasm is that it sets the dopamine base line far too high. The same thing occurs for any addiction. By setting the dopamine base line too high, it makes it far harder to derive pleasure from anything other than indulging in the addiction.
    To fix it, you must treat it like an addiction and stop indulging and replace it with something else. It will take a lot of time and dedication to get back to normal, but it is certainly possible.
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    Holy shit, you have a psychologist educated about the effects of Porn?! Lucky!!!

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