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    There's no doubting that when I'm on a good streak, I'll feel the need for the buzz that PMO gives me. Besides exercise, which I get quite regularly, how can I create a substitute for this buzz?
  2. Looking at my alerts on NoFap gives me a dopamine rush. Problem is all my other work is suffering, still in addict.
  3. Boost dopamine levels
    Mucuna pruriens

    Mood stabilier
    St.Jons Wort
    Lithium oritate

    Consult your doctor as usual
  4. In other words, you need a substitute for the pleasure that pmo gives you. In that case, all of the unhealthy behavior that gets you high for a little while but eventually always backfires: junk food, video games, 5 cups of coffee, sugar binges, tobacco, all of that will get the dopamine flowing.

    What you are really after is serotonin. People tend to mistake the two. Dopamine is pleasure, serotonin is happiness. The real problem is that dopamine can negatively affect serotonin receptors inside the nerve cell. Too much dopamine is never a good thing. It's addictive and its short term effects will always rob you of the serotonin you really need in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. Dopamine is a 'kick', associated with risk taking, while serotonin is long term peace, happiness and stability.

    The things that raise serotonin tend to be the most 'boring': spending time in nature, exercise, getting enough sunlight exposure, eating a clean diet, saving money not spending it, drinking water instead of coffee or soda's, stuff like that...

    The real question you need to be asking yourself is: do I want pleasure or happiness? Because dopamine addiction will lead to depression, make no mistake about that, whereas serotonin won't affect your receptors, and will fill you with a feeling of bliss and contentment. The obsessive behavior, frustration, anger, sadness, all of which you will notice in longer term pmo addicts, all of that is caused by dopamine negatively affecting serotonin levels. Dopamine is not a happiness chemical, it's an excitement chemical. It will make you mistake pleasure for happiness at the cost of the real happiness chemical which is serotonin.
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    That's a really good explanation, thank you. Do you have any suggestions?
  6. Socializing, fasting, exercising, reading, gardening, spending time in nature, creative hobbies, chores, meditating, taking care of others or animals... all of this will increase serotonin instead of dopamine. Instead of the short lived feelings of reward dopamine provides, these are more rewarding, healthy activities that will lead to real and lasting happiness. The trick really is recognizing the beauty in the simple things in life and learning to enjoy things we think of as boring. Enjoying a sunset at the beach will feed your mind much more energy than fapping away for an hour. The more sober you live the happier you will be. Wanting and needing are two different things. So are giving and taking. It's why we tend to get depressed after orgasm. This makes sense and we all know it but temptation is all around us, we give in and get frustrated in the process.
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    Good explanation

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