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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Motiv3, Dec 7, 2018.

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    I met a girl in a club, we talked and danced all night, kisses, and at the end I told her to arrive her home, she told me she was leaving with her friends, anything else happend.

    Then, she talks me to wsp, I tell her to meet up and drink something and we ended having sex, I made her orgasm (she squirted) and my question is...
    Why this girl now does not talk to me, I sent her 1 message asking her a question about her carreer (to help me) nothing sexual, nothing relevant to that night, she answered me and then she put me on check (she saw my message, no answer)

    Why this atittude? I know some of you will tell me to forget her and find other girls, but I want to sleep with her again becaus she squirts and that drive me fckn crazy.
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    she hit it and quit it. you were a one night stand.

    also next time put "trigger warning" in your title. Not a trigger for me but squirting is for some other guys.
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  3. She might of felt like a hoe for fucking you so soon, maybe her friends said something to her. Who knows with women you never no so don't box yourself in by thinking one way just give it some time ,and text better yet call her and see what happens . Just ask her out for drinks again some times its just a one night lay instead of many you never no give it time and keep an open mind
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    Man. Take it from wiser men. When a woman does that. U leave her the hell alone lol. One thing I have learned over the last couple years is that some women are saving you from themselves. They know their fcked up reasons for not pursuing a healthy or sexual relationship. Assume she knows better than u cuz right now u know nothing.

    She might be in love with a guy, have depression/anxiety issues, baggage, a kid somewhere, a violent ex or maybe she just had sex and thats all. U cant know and u may not want to.

    Also I would say maybe 3-4 years ago squirt was a fetish for me so u should be careful not to trigger some people. I made a girl squirt for the first time this year and after years of having it be a fetish in porn. Irl its cool at first but really not that special when u think about it. Which is also why I have to say based on your language and goal. Its not healthy to objectify her like that. That u want to get back with her because she squirts.

    its also likely she sensed this in you as well.
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    You are right, sorry I'm adding that.

    I don't want relationships but only sex maybe she did not take it that way I don't know

    She put me on check so I think that means "leave me alone" haha
    I don't want a relationship just sex, maybe she though I'm falling in love?

    Yes but I think she wanted a ONS, me too. I don't want relationships.
    I don't know what to think nor what to do

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